Friday, 27 March 2015

International Day of Sports :Pak India Scenario

Asalamoalikum/Good morning

A healthy body  nurtures a healthy mind.

Sports for Peace
A common saying believed  and practised  by the masses.Involvement of sports in our lifestyle help us achieve  not only the  best  physical  condition but also helps in preventing the  disease.
Can sports be a purpose  for  peace and development among  nations sounds a little weird?. But in the Indo Pak scenario sports  especially  Cricket works like magic.
Here Cricket  and Cricketers rule the hearts of the  people. If there is a cricket match between  Pak And India, there will be a deadly silence on the roads of both the countries. Comments and Reviews  of the sport man and women touches the soul of the people .So what can  be a better  way to spread  Peace ,Prosperity and Happiness in the region with  the  help  of sports .

Cricket World Cup 2015
Cricket  Diplomacy  in the Pak Indian region can be a road to cultural  tolerance  and respect .Now sports is widely  accepted as a powerful  tool for nurturing  inter cultural  peace. It has evolved as a force which can modify  the thinking of the natives, bringing  people together across  boundaries, culture and religion .
A match  on the neutral  territory and in an environment  where
aggression  can be controlled, provides the soft image to the  world .
Although  sports cannot  solve the ongoing  conflict rather  it acts as a medium for the  peace process. Hope  the best  for both the countries.