Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Asalamolikum/Good Morning


Cancer is a dreadful word almost equivalent to Death. With Cancer What comes in your mind?
A debilitated person lying in the bed whose head is shaved off, with so many gloomy faces around him/her, only hoping for some miracle to happen.Cancer is such a horrific disease that has claim millions of lives.
But this is not in case of Breast Cancer, the statistics are rapidly changing. Due to the explosion in Research and Discoveries, Breast cancer outcome is not, what 20 years ago. It mainly depends on how Early one catch it? The early the detection, the better are the chances of survival.

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Breast Cancer:

It is the 2nd most common cancer among the females. It begins in the Breast tissue that is made up of glands for Milk production(lobules)and a duct that connects the lobules to the nipple. All women are at risk. Remember that 75% of the women who have been diagnosed with it don't have any family history of Breast Cancer. Treatment options manly depends on the Stage at which the female is diagnosed.
 Now the question is what we can do if we(Alhamdolillah) don't fall the victim of such calamity?
Here are few guidelines which will help most of us to stay aware.


Awareness is the key to be Safe and Healthy.

Breast Self Examination(BSE)

All females of reproductive age should do the Breast Self  Examination. The best time is to do 7 to 10 days after the start of the period. Here I am quickly outlining the BSE but the proper method should be for an website like WGCAF                  .
Look at your Breast from the Front, Right and left by placing and pressing your hands on the Hips then finally Leaning Forward and Swinging from side to side.
Everybody is well aware of their bodies .Any change in Shape,Skin changes, Nipple distortion and a Lump makes one,s headlight blinks twice. 
Feel the Breasts by using the pads of the fingers pressing and covering the breast gently and firmly in Lengthwise and in circles covering the whole Breast from the armpit to the Breast bone and to the collar bone above.
There are certain factors which we can adopt to avoid the Risks of Breast cancer.

Weight Control:

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle. Regular Exercise with adequate Body Weight drops the chances of having the Breast Cancer.

Cut Down Excessive Fat:

Refrain yourself from excessive Fat intake as too much Fat converts precursors into Estrogen leading to the development of cancer in the Older women.


Taking Oral Contraceptive Pills to avoid Pregnancy and delaying the Birth of the first Child is also found to be contributing towards the development of Breast Cancer.

Breast feeding:

Breast feeding in our society is considered a norm(thanks). Breast feeding every child not only protects the mother from cancer but also keep the baby away from various gastric upsets.
Breast Cancer Prevention

The rule of the thumb is Prevention is better than cure.
Early Detection,Prompt medical attention are the milestones to Cure. With the development of new technology, a new Targeted Therapy with the Drug HERCEPTIN brings new hope to the cure.
As October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month let us promise ourselves that we will
  1. Learn and do the proper BSE(Breast Self Examination) regularly once a month.
  2. Ladies greater than 40 years of age should have a Mammogram once a year.
  3. We should aim to spread Awareness about it among our relatives and fellows to knock out the disease. 
 Stay Healthy and Stay Aware

Monday, 19 October 2015

Smile Again for yourself.

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

As the saying goes
Smile is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can feel
As the World Smile Day has just passed,what could be the better idea to indulge ourselves into a Video which definitely make you smole Oh sorry Smile.

Smile is the best way to beat the stress, especially when a child smiles it seems that his smile is echoed in the whole universe and the whole world is repeating to do the same.Whenever I feel stressful I start giggling with my little one as it will immediately drain out all the burden from my soul and makes me feeling light and full of energy.

Try this and this will surely help you out.

Option 1: View Blogger Video

Option 2: View Daily Motion Video

Smile by myda-tahir

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mommy's Share: The most Amusing moment in my Life

Asalamoalikum\Good Morning:
It was like a dream come true when finally the moment arrived when my hubby gets the vacations so that we can take the new addition in our family(the baby girl) to meet my beloved mother residing at the distant town.


I was very much excited because I was confined to home as i cant climb the stairs frequently due to the 2nd floor residence of mine. As every mother knows which thing on Earth, the newbie doesn't need(apart from yourself). From napkins to creams, formulas to water bottles etc.
 I, at last, manage,to leave the home with all the accessories and necessaries. I was carrying the large Hand  bag on one shoulder balancing it with the baby on  the other. My hubby is taking care of the older kid.
It was a very long journey so we opt to go by the car as we can make as many stopovers as we need so that we can feed both(ourselves and the baby) and do the rest of it (you know). As always happen to the new moms there is something important missing. In our case it is the second Feeding Bottle. So after every feed I have to toil to wash the the bottle with our Drinking Water. To avoid the stern looks of my hubby, I tried to wash it secretly as he will definitely dislike the scene of washing the baby stuff with drinking water. Thanks! the rest of the journey gone unnoticeable.
I was awestruck when I got to know the preparations going on at my mommy's home when I called her reaching the nearby place. As a ring the door bell, the whole family  was gathered to welcome us and the new comer.. As soon as I step into the house the snap mania begins to capture each and every moment. Me and mommy hugged long only interrupted by the cries of the lil one as she is once again having hunger pangs.
Now after excusing them, I got to feed the newborn for which I hurried. After the feeding, the Photos are there to make the life still. my brother is very much into this, he requested me to take a series of snaps by lying the baby lie over me as he will send this to some Baby Magazine. I obliged instantly. I have no idea that it will become an instant hit. As the baby lean over me to be photographed, she instantly burps. All the regurgitated milk went straight into the my mouth distorting my facial expressions to the weirdest.
Oh My God! This snap has made history. After watching this the whole family roar into the laughter. As my lil one seems to enjoy the the situation, it also kept me amused for the weeks to come.