Friday, 25 December 2015

Side effect of the marriage..... A funny experience.

 Aww! It was such an incident which keeps amusing me till now.

Actually it was the visit of my beloved friend who happened to be in my town for the honeymoon sort of thing plus visiting the kin.

Now you must be wondering what is funny about it?. Actually they are labeled as the most stunning couple of the year so everyone including yours truly is also impressed by their looks and almost dying to host them. After pressing too much they nearly agreed to show up the next day, but to our disappointment, they were unable to make but promised for the next Friday. As they were in the A list, we obliged despite my hubby’s business engagement that day.

 As I happened to be the only one to look after the arrangements from the Groceries to the Cooking, the Dining table arrangements to the Washrooms cleaning, my Adrenaline starts rising. It was a very busy week bringing everything to the perfection but every time a new problem pops up and reminding me of my human.

At last the grand finale (the day of the feast) arrived and nothing was short of perfection as I had put my heart and soul into it.

The guests when arrived as usual in full bloom. The smartness and the attire of the couple was killing. Soon the wife accompanied me to the lounge and began pouring her travel adventures but I was unable to track what she is muttering as I was mesmerized by her gorgeous looks, making me visit down the memory lane regarding my looks in the initial years of marriage. I only came back when her husband called her to leave.

Oh my god! How can I forgot the dinner?

Now I hurry up to arrange the whole lot of dishes which I prepared out of sheer love. But not to my amazement, they just took a bit of everything which is the truly the secret of their Smartness and Sleekness. After a brief chit chat they insisted to leave without meeting my hubby.

Late night when my hubby showed up, I immediately opened the Pandora box of the whole meet up insisting on the couples impressive looks making him realize that he missed a great deal.

The days gone by and I become engaged with the kids and all changing into a distant memory.
A couple of days back when I happened to visit the local arena, a women in a well fitted gown give me a tight hug leaving me in an awe who she was? When she disclosed her identity I was about to faint. She was the same young lady whom I invited for the dinner a year ago as a newlywed. She has not only changed but to my astonishment has completely turned into an aunti sort of thing... I felt ashamed that I was unable to recognize her but gladly she doesn’t mind.

My husband was constantly laughing during the whole journey back home as he was also mocked by my picture of that couple and the reality. I keep insisting him that she was totally different a year before but he was not believing me. Truly speaking, I must be in the same lane if I haven’t met the couple a year ago.

This is the most common side effect of the marriage. As soon as the Honeymoon period is over, all those smart attires have been locked in the wardrobe replaced by the baggy loose comfy dresses hiding the excessive fat pockets. Why women so negligent of themselves needs another post......

This funny experience makes me quote that a lady finger transformed into a potato with only a contract called Marriage.
Can anyone of you relate the same?

Side effect of the marriage

Friday, 18 December 2015


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When I asked a question to myself,

What motivates me?

What is my motivational model?

A picture start to reel on the screen of my mind like Flash Cards!
Is it a heart touching Quote?
Is it my visit to the Holy lands of Makkah & Medina?
Is it my blogging adventures & the gorgeous people I came across on the blogging platform?


Any experience?

Yes! I got it!  The last one hit me hard and created ripples in my mind. It is those tragic events of my life which transformed me and bring out a more humbled and more adapting human being from a stubborn chap.

As a post-graduation student of medicine, I had all work and no play schedule with alternating night duties. I was completely immersed in the worldly pleasures and was flying high on the seventh sky. I was just concentrating to give my best then suddenly my elder kid was diagnosed with an untreatable ailment. This news left me in great shock and thrown me in the sea of despair and agony. Everything appears to be taunting. Then by Almighty’s grace I came across with the person who helped me to reach the harbors of Gratitude and Inspiration. She is my young tajweed teacher who is the motivational role model for me. She is a patient of Chronic Kidney Failure and has to undergo dialysis (blood changed by a machine) twice a week. Still she dedicated her life, her energies to serve the word of Allah.
 She restore my connection to the Quran which is the Ultimate remedy for the hearts.

            “By the remembrance of Allah, the hearts are assured”    Surah AR Raad 28

Taking her Quran classes strengthen my faith on Allah (swt) that whatever He Chooses for us is His way to bring closer to Him. I have developed an attitude for gratitude and keep myself on the high note by the following motivational boosters.

          “On Him I relied and He is the lord of the great Throne” Surah Tawbah 129

1. Waking Up Early:

Early rising habit has great bounties & found to boost the productivity multiple times.
According to the Prophet(swt)

“Allah has made early hours blessed for my Ummah” (Ahmed)

There is a lot of Baraka( a form of blessings) which allows many small tasks to be done with little effort and time.

2. Reciting the Quran:

Daily recitation of the Quran gives me the sense of relief as I endeavor to listen what Allah (swt) has to say. This flourishes my spiritual being.

3. Two Rakah Salah:

Offering the two Rakah Salah for the affiat with special insistence and dua that whatever I will do will to please Allah (swt)

“Seek help through Sabr and Salat” (Quran 2:45)

4. Daily Goals List:

Jotting down the daily goals and be sure of my priorities of the day allows me to execute them point by point. Accomplishing daily tasks promotes extra ordinary levels of confidence and worth upon myself.

5. Optimistic surroundings:

I try to be among the people who have the positive approach of life. If I am unable to find them, I prefer Children over the other kind. Children are the most innocent, passion filled people on Earth. With their unending flow of energy, they also charged you to the full.
By doing these Daily small Acts of greatness, I feel that I have been transformed to a much better person having no regrets what has happened to me.

   “Mankind has never achieved success but thru suffering”

Dear readers I have just shared these tips with you so that any of you if ever have been through these circumstances don’t feel alone. These adversities and setbacks are His way to bring closer to Him. Leave them to Allah and truly He is the best of planners.

                  Hurdles are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

Friday, 4 December 2015

10 Things for Moms if your kid has fever

Do you remember when a month passed and your kid has remain fever free? How often you visited the doctor in a month ?

As the weather transition is taking place, cold and flu season is upon us to test our kids immunity. As a mother when my kid is knock down with fever I often used to call my mother in the first instance (before calling a doctor) for her time tested advice. Her instant reply:
"What! Again she has fever?"
As she must be tired of listening to my similar questions, but amazingly she gives me some superb relevant tips which prevent the situation from getting worse along with lot of duas (supplications).

There are some of the few tips which I want to share with you:

1. Hydration 

High fever usually sucks the child's body fluids leading to dehydration.First of all increase the fluid intake, there are a lot of choices available other than simple plain water. It could be in the form of soups, green tea, juices etc. They all replenish the water loss and also soothens the mucos lining of the throat providing comfort to the kid.

2. Keep Close 

This is the one and the only point which my mother used to emphasize every time. As the kid is quite irritable at that moment and usually asks for things which he\ she never ever given an eye for, the need of the time is to remain calm and shower him with more hugs, and encouraging kisses as it works wonders in the path of healing. Reassure you kid time and again.Massaging the sclap and combing her hair with your fingers are also relieving.

3. Read

As no kid want to lay straight on the bed, make it fun by reading one of the favorite book he\ she always want to listen. In my case I often pick up the book with some interesting and funny facts and enjoyed to read it aloud with her.

4. Sleep 

Rest is essential as it prompts the process the healing,as the kid has lost his appetite and sleep as well. We should assist to make the nap time as comfortable as possible. Don't forget to let the fresh air in(not cold) to ventilate the room.

5. Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual ways of healing are very effective and tested in various ailments. Whether its a Sadqa (chaity) or Dum ( recitation of words followed by blowing on the afflicted individual) of  Al Fatiha or any dua from the heart.. Develop a connection to the Almighty and you will be astonished to see the results.

6. Nebulize / Steam:

If the child has fever due to nasal blockage\ congestion as it is common in this season, nebulizing with the simple plain water (normal saline to be accurate) works wonders in reliving the symptoms if done consistently. But the real problem is to make the kid sit and have the mask on for at least 10 minutes which is also a test for parents.

7. Dress Up:

Dressing in layers are quite effective in managing the temperature tantrums. Make the kid feel good by attiring in a simple, breathable, light weight clothes as it boost the sense of well being.

8. Soft Bland Diet:

Avoid greasy and spicy food as it will irritate the throat causing the bout of cough eventually leading to vomiting. Soft bland diet like plain curry, pudding, suji kheer(milk dessert), oats are easy to be gulped without much effort.

9. Medicine

Seek the support of the doctor anytime when you have concerns and follow the advice strictly as the fever in children is no fun.Once the cause is treated, the temperature itself returns to normal.

10. Sponging

A lukewarm bath or wash cloth may temporary cool the child but avoid the chilled water sponging as it may cause shivering ultimately raising the temperature.

Newborns and infants should be taken special care. They should be evaluated by the pediatrician as soon as possible.

Reassure your kid often as mother's lap is the safest place on earth.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Diabetes: Are you facing these fads?


No, No! I can’t take this sweet, I am Diabetic.

This a very common hearing these days.

Diabetes aka Sugar is a household name these days. You must agree with me that there is not a single brown house on the road where a Diabetic patient is not residing. But things have gone far beyond.Yesterday, my maid who is in late forty’s, had become sweaty while washing utensils in the kitchen. Although, she was illiterate but quite knowledgeable about her symptoms, instantly asked for some sweet.
When settled, we enquired about her condition, her reply left us in great awe.

“Sister! I have sugar (Diabetes) and was having low Sugar Symptoms.”    

Diabetes and Obesity are two Epidemics of the 21st century. November 14 "the World Diabetes Day” marks the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who discovered Insulin as a Treatment of Diabetes along with Charles Best. The theme of this year (2014-2016) is “Healthy living and
Diabetes”.77% of the Diabetics come from the low and middle income countries. As Diabetes is causing a major global burden, healthy lifestyle changes are the key to prevent 70% of the cases.
There is a long running debate about the Dietary concerns among the Diabetics.As they have to be little selective about their eating habits, there is a lot of confusion among the masses about what to eat & what to avoid?

Following are some of the common questions encountered by the physicians from the Diabetics.

Question #1: Are low carbs best for Diabetics?

Myth Solved.
This is a common misconception among the people. They worry a lot about the carbs content in their meal. Remember Diabetes doesn’t mean to curb the carb completely from your diet.
The best choice is to take the complex carbohydrate which are abundant in all natural products like Fresh vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains, Nuts. These items contain the large amount of fibre which delays the absorption of a meal from the gut preventing the after meal sugar spikes in the blood.

Question #2: Is skipping the breakfast lowers my Blood Sugar level?

Myth Solved.
A study (2013) about the people who didn’t take their Breakfast, found out that they tend to have higher levels of insulin and blood sugar after the lunch for few hours.
A healthy Breakfast (comprising of protein and healthy fats) helps stabilizing the blood sugar level and keep you full throughout the day.

Question #3: Are Artificial Sweeteners Healthy?

Myth Solved:
It is reported in Health Day that long term use of Artificial Sweeteners(Saccharine) are more likely to have higher Fasting Blood Glucose levels. 1 or 2 tabs a day is enough to keep you safe at the harbour.

Question #4: Are Sugar Free Diet are good enough to eat?

Myth Solved:
Each of us whether or not diabetic, is taken up by the storm of Diet Foods. Be it a Diet Soft Drink any Diet Sweet. The bakers at the sweet shop add a lot of Fat (ghee) in order to balance the lack of Sugar.
In a journal of Nutrition study from 2011 states that higher level of fat in the blood affects body’s ability to clear sugar from the blood as well.

Question #5: Is Tea Beneficial for Diabetics?

Myth Solved:
Yes it is! Wow! Great news but not to forget that health benefits of Tea comes From Green and Black Tea, not the Milky Brew which we commonly sips away. It is found out that Tea improves the sensitivity in type 2 Diabetes. It also lowers the risks of certain other diseases like Blood pressure, Cancer and Heart Diseases.

Questions #6: Is Bitter Gourd / Grape fruit help in decreasing the Sugar?

Myth Solved:
This concept is pretty viral here in Pakistan. People consider that Diabetes is due to high sugar and gourd (karela) has a lot of bitterness in it.So they both have a fight in the tummy and eventually the bitter gourd wins .This is Ridiculous. Bitter Gourd and other vegetables are beneficial as they contain complex Carbohydrate preventing the glucose spikes in the blood after the meal.

These are some of the many misunderstood facts about Diabetes.
Awareness and education are the key factors getting the best control of Blood glucose levels. It should be the priority of all Diabetics to be crystal clear about their Diet Plan. A registered dietitian give you the best personalized advice.

Staying physically active and indulging into healthy eating habits promises a healthy long life.

Stay healthy and Stay Aware.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

10 Tips of Safe Pilgrimage With Kids

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

********   Note: This Blog Post First Published on  Muslimah Bloggers *********

Visiting the Holy lands of Makkah and Medina is the dream of every Muslim, but having children like Toddlers and Juniors can become a nerve wrenching and tiresome experience.

A toddler who needs constant attention and care makes the rituals difficult to perform with Heart and Soul and a little stumble can change the pilgrimage into a frightening experience as often witnessed.

Makkah, the soul satisfying

But keeping these few points in mind and few precautions before hand makes the pilgrimage safe, sound and fulfilling experience.
  1. Make the Identification Cards of every kid displaying NAME, FATHER'S NAME, HOTEL NAME and PHONE NO in bold. Kids should not forget to wear it every time they are out.
  2. Keep only the necessary luggage with you.Use the backpacks, Hand carries as they are easier to manage
  3. Ahram is not mandatory for kids but if they clad them ,be sure it is not over fitted or loose, as it will greatly irritate the child so you to. Rehearse them wearing at home. Also tell them the necessities of it. Otherwise make them clad in a simple and decent clothes.
  4. Medicines and liniments including AntiHistamines, Calpol, Thermometer, ORS should be kept handy in the luggage.
  5. Goggles and Moisturizing lotion should be worn whenever outside as the weather is usually hot in Arab Countries.
  6. A Wrist Band or a Chest Jacket must be tied between the mother and the kids at the time of prayers as it is usually the time when the kids get misplaced.
  7. Avoid going to rush area with the kids as this will imbalance you and can result in a fall.
  8. A Handy Bag with Extra baby Food, Baby Wipes, Diapers, Nappy rash cream, Clothes, Mosquito repellent lotion should be kept every time.
  9. Be Calm and Hassle free, Kids usually take a lot of time doing little things. Rotate turns with your hubby while performing rituals like TAWAAF and SA EEE or you can take a wheelchair to let the kids sit on them.
  10. Always mention a POINT i.e a Meeting Place before entering a prayer hall in case anyone get lost can easily located.
  11. .
Wishing all Safe and Fulfilling journey.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

10 Healthy Winter Snacks

Wow! The Winter is just about to open its wonders now.

Winter hit our lives with various delicious delicacies. Mouthwatering sweet treats like Carrot Halwa, Dry fruits Panjeeri( Suji Mix ), Chanay ki Dall ka Halwa(Gram lentil Fudge) are in demand.They tickle and test the taste buds of every weight watcher.

Delicious Halwas

Are they healthy enough to be indulged? Or they are just packing us with some extra pounds and bulging fat pockets which are than to be worked upon when the Sun shines bright and the Clouds part. Isn’t it? This is what happens with most of us when we mindlessly immerse ourselves in various high sugar and high fat treats of winter.

I know, winter is the motivational killer. Our desire to remain healthy drops with the temperature outside. Nobody wants to leave the coziness of the warm blanket just to go for peeling some pomegranate or to show of some creativity with the veggies when a large variety of snacks are available on the bed side to munch on. Not only the unhealthy food choices are easy but they also tantalize our taste buds and make us asking for more due to their high sugar & salt content, finally leading to difficulty in putting on the old clothes.

Facts about Snacks:

Snacking is often a misunderstood term. Most of us experience pangs of guilt on hearing this word and reminds us of the shops with various frying items are prepared amidst of all unhealthy and untidy surroundings.But is not true at all. Here are some snacking Do’s & Don’ts.

Snacking Do’s

Snacking Don’ts

  1. Many experts suggest to have many smaller meals as snacks to get better control of weight .
  2. Limit yourself to a single serving.
  3. The key to have healthy snack is to plan ahead.
  4. Keep the fiber loaded food in sight. This will help to prevent binge on unhealthy food.
  5. Be consistent. Don’t get bored .Stick to it.

  1. Mind it, Snack doesn’t serve to replace the meal.
  2. Snacking is not Grazing i.e mindless eating
  3. Avoid processed food, artificial color, flavors, highly refined foods.
  4. Avoid Simple carbs like breads, pastries, as they can rapidly converted into Glucose causing a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Winter Healthy Options:

Now comes the favorite part, What are the healthy Winter choices available that will makes waves in the heart ? & also not adding a coat of extra fatty layer, keeping you Skinny and Shining.

#health in a tray

1. Warm Milk and Honey:
Nothing can be more healthy and nutritious than the warm glass of Milk with honey and sprinkled cinnamon in a cold chilly morning. You can feel the warmth pouring inside you with every sip of it. Go and cherish the best moments of life this Winter.

2. Soups:
Soups of different varieties are one of the wonderful options in cold season.
They are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It also protects you from the respiratory ailments associated with the chilly season.

3. Boiled Eggs
For the egg eating chaps, just boiling an egg for the snack is a rapid treat which not only provide extra protein but also curb the hunger pangs for a while.

4. Chickpeas:
Roasted and Baked Chick peas with the right spices(salt chilli, cumin) are the perfect alternative to the crispy chips and crackers.

5. Vegetables And Fruits:
Nothing can make us negate the health benefits of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. They are loaded with Essential nutrients like Minerals , Vitamins, Anti- oxidants, Fiber, Right kind of sugars. Nature has provided us with a lot of variety to choose from. A fresh colorful bowl of diced Apples, boiled carrot Sticks, Celery, turnips, kiwis can be more appealing than anything else. You can have a lot of fun by just adding a little creativity to it and enjoy.

Delicious Dry Fruits

6. Dry Fruits:
Dry fruits are the true feast of winter. They provide us with the right mount of fuel needed as they are loaded with Good Fats. They are opted as a great Snack for their property to provide warmth to the body.

7. Corns:
Just air pop your corns or toss with the tea spoon of sesame oil and a pinch of salt. They are good for the midafternoon crash to the refrigerator.

8. Oat Meal:
Steaming and nutritious bowl of Oatmeal sprinkled with Chocolate Chips are the quick, perfect snack for any time of the day. You can read more about it Give your Breakfast a Boost!

9. Seeds:
Roasted Pumpkin & Sesame seeds are the renowned snacks in freezing temperatures. Sesame seeds are known to possess anticancer properties whereas Pumpkin seeds are best to knockout the mood swings associated with chilled winter.

Super Food
10. Beans:
Beans are truly the wonder food. They are not only the Meat Substitute but also known to provide protection against various chronic ailments like Diabetes, Heart diseases.

Snacking is actually immersing into the fresh colorful  food which will not only boost your overall health but also contribute to keep all the vital organs fully functional. Snacking  is actually the missing touch that will facilitate us achieving ours weight loss goals.

Stay Healthy & Stay aware.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Listening ! An Art for Better Relationship

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning:

Last Friday, was a busy day for me. My normal household work was doubled as my maid is again on the rest, heightening my temperature. But, thanks to Almighty, things start looking better in the evening as I realized that it’s the first Friday of a month and which is marked by a family dinner at a restaurant.

But my happiness seems to be short lived, as that evening my hubby called and shared that it was also his busy day at the office and he still needs to finish some stuff. Oh No! It means that we need to postpone our family dinner. It makes me more upset as I juggled to catch the last remains to prepare dinner in a a very short time span.

After a while, I got much surprised when my hubby appeared earlier than usual. He also looked a bit confused.....and said
“Why kids and you are not ready for the dinner?
“Dear! You said on the phone that you need to finish some office work? Didn’t you? "came my prompt reply.. "so I assume you will be late from office ?”
Ahhhh! with a sigh … he said  "Oh dear! I should have texted you as well, that we need to go early for the dinner and will finish my stuff from home later".
This reply gives me with a 1000 volt bolt and left me in a state of shock.

There was a misunderstanding between us which causes this incident and reminds me a funny video which I want to share with you:

Option 1: View Daily Motion Video

Are_You_Listening by myda-tahir

Option 2: View You Tube Video

Apart from fun, better communication helps individual to improve Personal and Professional credibility. Following are some tips which we can practice in our daily life:

1. Listening:

As Stephen Covey said:

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand. Most people listen with the intent to reply."

The problem with most of us that we are not active listeners rather we try to quickly conclude it to our own thoughts leaving a big gap in our understanding and starting a chain of misunderstandings and misleading.

Ask yourself if you're truly listening to others. Sometimes, listening means staying quiet to give others a chance to talk, soaking it in, then perhaps responding if your response is needed.
A good communicator listens spectacularly well.

2. Feedback:

Never miss the opportunity to ask "Is that you are trying to convey?" or before adding another response take the time to repeat what you heard. This clarifies any doubts or queries important before moving to another point and built the trust upon you. 

3. Anger Management:

In a conversation when the response is asked we need to be responsive rather than reactive.

Anger is the most negative of all emotions. Learning to become nonreactive is a continual change. With some training and devotion, we can change our attitude.
I want to end my article with a Robin Sharma Being good quote:

At communication is like a Tennis, the more you practice, the more you get over it.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

How to cope with Arthritis? 6 Tips

My mother is a long term sufferer of Joints Disease. She has off and on painful exacerbation's due to which she walks with difficulty. As a medical student I used to see her visiting the ortho time and again for her Knee Osteoarthritis. He prescribed him a number of medicines especially the expensive once a month capsule and Vitamin D ampules. She begins praying Salah on the chair and avoid sitting on the ground for long hours. She kept telling us to have a Calcium Rich Diet and Exercise Daily. I see her coping the Knee and Back Pain constantly along with household chores so that she can rest afterwards which alleviates her pain to some degree.
Arthritis is a combination of diseases usually affecting the joints and support system of the body. Osteoarthritis is the commonest affecting the joints of Knee, Hips and Spine leading to painful activity.

Following are several ways to help the patient having less pain, great mobility and a fulfilling life.


When the ortho advised exercise to my mother ,
                                      “How can I exercise! my knee hurts on simple walking?”is her first reply. This is the common misconception of the patients. As we all know that exercise built up Stamina, Cardiovascular fitness and Enhances mood.  It has a miraculous effects on the joints also, if done in a proper way. It enhances joint flexibility, decreases stiffness and swelling. It is vital for circulation within the joint which promotes healing and help tone up the muscle support system of the Knee.You can also check out 5 Smart Exercises to Support Your Knees for further reading.

Weight Control:

Healthy Diet

Maintaining Ideal weight is important for the arthritis sufferers. Extra weight put stress on the joints.
                                1 pound of weight put an additional 4 pounds of pressure on knees.
Aerobic exercises  like Walking, Biking, Gardening, Raking the leaves are all low impact activities and helps to maintain good bone health. Do invest in buying a good pair of workout shoes and it benefits in the long run. Doing small household chores for yourself also helps to stay active.
You can also read

10 Easy Tips to watch your weight at home 


Change in Weather usually worsen the symptoms of Arthritis causing stiffness and pain in the joints. This can be overcome by applying Hot packs or Heating Pad. Taking Warm Bath before sleep helps in relieving the pain symptoms and decreases the swelling.

Massage Therapy:

Massaging the painful joint with the light hand in the morning and at bedtime with the Olive/Eucalyptus Oil is a ritual performed daily by the most joint pain sufferers,is found to be beneficial in the long run.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D provides the building blocks i.e Calcium for the bone strength. As told my mother had also been advised Vitamin D. Women in our part of the country is deficient of vitamin D instead of the ample Sunlight available here which is the Richest source of  the Vitamin.               

Bee Venom Therapy:

It may help soothing the pain. Bee Venom Therpy(Apia Therapy) has been shown to reduce the arthritis symptoms.See Sting the pain away for more information


Maintaining a good Hydration is mandatory for joint mobility. Drinking plenty of fluids before and after exercise, eating a lot of fresh fruits especially Cherries, Citrus fruits helps a lot in the joint mobility.

All in all, Arthritis is a progressive debilitating disease usually controlled by the right approach in view of Medications and Lifestyle. Consult your Physio and Ortho before tracking on a new exercise program. Remember  the old saying
“if you rest you got rusted”.
Daily Adequate Physical activity helps in maintaining the joint flexibility and also strengthens the muscle support system of the body leading to healthy joints and bones.

Stay Healthy and Stay Aware.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

10 Unbelievable facts about you

Asalalmoalikum/Good Morning.

It is said that the
“The biggest miracle on Earth is the Baby born”
Yeah! That’s right.

We own one of the most sophisticated machines, Our Body.

Within our body we have the various units operating synchronously.

The chemistry lab working in harmony with the ever-changing biological phenomenon, healing and repair goes hand in hand.

All in all the whole network of brilliance woven together in a cleverest way.
Isn’t it unbelievable?

Wait the Roller Coaster ride is about to begin? Here are some lesser known facts.

  • Cells that are the basic units of our body are so small that over 200 of them could fit on a full stop.
  • A human brain cell can hold five times as much information as Wikipedia.
  • If our Wrinkly Cerebrum was unfolded , we could cover the Kitchen table with it.
  • 50%of the human DNA is similar to that of Banana.
  • It is impossible to sneeze with Eyes open.
10 Unbelievable facts about you:

  • Our Eyes are always the same size from Birth, but nose and ears never stop growing.
  • A nice size apartment with a walk-in closet, could be made if the lungs are flattened out.
  • Face Facts: Both sides of the face is not the same.
  • Our toe nails grow 4 times more slowly than finger nails.
  • For every pound of weight gain, you add 7 miles of blood vessels.

Soooo! Shouldn’t we thankful to our Creator, The Almighty that he made in the Best form.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

Asalamolikum/Good Morning


Cancer is a dreadful word almost equivalent to Death. With Cancer What comes in your mind?
A debilitated person lying in the bed whose head is shaved off, with so many gloomy faces around him/her, only hoping for some miracle to happen.Cancer is such a horrific disease that has claim millions of lives.
But this is not in case of Breast Cancer, the statistics are rapidly changing. Due to the explosion in Research and Discoveries, Breast cancer outcome is not, what 20 years ago. It mainly depends on how Early one catch it? The early the detection, the better are the chances of survival.

Pink Ribbon

Breast Cancer:

It is the 2nd most common cancer among the females. It begins in the Breast tissue that is made up of glands for Milk production(lobules)and a duct that connects the lobules to the nipple. All women are at risk. Remember that 75% of the women who have been diagnosed with it don't have any family history of Breast Cancer. Treatment options manly depends on the Stage at which the female is diagnosed.
 Now the question is what we can do if we(Alhamdolillah) don't fall the victim of such calamity?
Here are few guidelines which will help most of us to stay aware.


Awareness is the key to be Safe and Healthy.

Breast Self Examination(BSE)

All females of reproductive age should do the Breast Self  Examination. The best time is to do 7 to 10 days after the start of the period. Here I am quickly outlining the BSE but the proper method should be for an website like WGCAF                  .
Look at your Breast from the Front, Right and left by placing and pressing your hands on the Hips then finally Leaning Forward and Swinging from side to side.
Everybody is well aware of their bodies .Any change in Shape,Skin changes, Nipple distortion and a Lump makes one,s headlight blinks twice. 
Feel the Breasts by using the pads of the fingers pressing and covering the breast gently and firmly in Lengthwise and in circles covering the whole Breast from the armpit to the Breast bone and to the collar bone above.
There are certain factors which we can adopt to avoid the Risks of Breast cancer.

Weight Control:

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle. Regular Exercise with adequate Body Weight drops the chances of having the Breast Cancer.

Cut Down Excessive Fat:

Refrain yourself from excessive Fat intake as too much Fat converts precursors into Estrogen leading to the development of cancer in the Older women.


Taking Oral Contraceptive Pills to avoid Pregnancy and delaying the Birth of the first Child is also found to be contributing towards the development of Breast Cancer.

Breast feeding:

Breast feeding in our society is considered a norm(thanks). Breast feeding every child not only protects the mother from cancer but also keep the baby away from various gastric upsets.
Breast Cancer Prevention

The rule of the thumb is Prevention is better than cure.
Early Detection,Prompt medical attention are the milestones to Cure. With the development of new technology, a new Targeted Therapy with the Drug HERCEPTIN brings new hope to the cure.
As October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month let us promise ourselves that we will
  1. Learn and do the proper BSE(Breast Self Examination) regularly once a month.
  2. Ladies greater than 40 years of age should have a Mammogram once a year.
  3. We should aim to spread Awareness about it among our relatives and fellows to knock out the disease. 
 Stay Healthy and Stay Aware

Monday, 19 October 2015

Smile Again for yourself.

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

As the saying goes
Smile is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can feel
As the World Smile Day has just passed,what could be the better idea to indulge ourselves into a Video which definitely make you smole Oh sorry Smile.

Smile is the best way to beat the stress, especially when a child smiles it seems that his smile is echoed in the whole universe and the whole world is repeating to do the same.Whenever I feel stressful I start giggling with my little one as it will immediately drain out all the burden from my soul and makes me feeling light and full of energy.

Try this and this will surely help you out.

Option 1: View Blogger Video

Option 2: View Daily Motion Video

Smile by myda-tahir

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Mommy's Share: The most Amusing moment in my Life

Asalamoalikum\Good Morning:
It was like a dream come true when finally the moment arrived when my hubby gets the vacations so that we can take the new addition in our family(the baby girl) to meet my beloved mother residing at the distant town.


I was very much excited because I was confined to home as i cant climb the stairs frequently due to the 2nd floor residence of mine. As every mother knows which thing on Earth, the newbie doesn't need(apart from yourself). From napkins to creams, formulas to water bottles etc.
 I, at last, manage,to leave the home with all the accessories and necessaries. I was carrying the large Hand  bag on one shoulder balancing it with the baby on  the other. My hubby is taking care of the older kid.
It was a very long journey so we opt to go by the car as we can make as many stopovers as we need so that we can feed both(ourselves and the baby) and do the rest of it (you know). As always happen to the new moms there is something important missing. In our case it is the second Feeding Bottle. So after every feed I have to toil to wash the the bottle with our Drinking Water. To avoid the stern looks of my hubby, I tried to wash it secretly as he will definitely dislike the scene of washing the baby stuff with drinking water. Thanks! the rest of the journey gone unnoticeable.
I was awestruck when I got to know the preparations going on at my mommy's home when I called her reaching the nearby place. As a ring the door bell, the whole family  was gathered to welcome us and the new comer.. As soon as I step into the house the snap mania begins to capture each and every moment. Me and mommy hugged long only interrupted by the cries of the lil one as she is once again having hunger pangs.
Now after excusing them, I got to feed the newborn for which I hurried. After the feeding, the Photos are there to make the life still. my brother is very much into this, he requested me to take a series of snaps by lying the baby lie over me as he will send this to some Baby Magazine. I obliged instantly. I have no idea that it will become an instant hit. As the baby lean over me to be photographed, she instantly burps. All the regurgitated milk went straight into the my mouth distorting my facial expressions to the weirdest.
Oh My God! This snap has made history. After watching this the whole family roar into the laughter. As my lil one seems to enjoy the the situation, it also kept me amused for the weeks to come.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Beware of Dogs: 5 Preventive Tips of Rabies everybody should know

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

Rabies, a viral disease caused by the bite or scratch of a Rabid animal, is 100% preventable.It is similar to Death sentence if untreated. Majority of the Rabies deaths occur in our part of the world.
It is also known as Hydrophobia because the patient develops an intense fear of water.
What prompts me to share some information about Rabies is a heart touching  real life incident of a small village kid who is an unaware victim of this.

Salim(name changed) is an apple's of his parent's eye as he is the first male child in the family. His giggles and laughs were well known in the whole neighborhood One day he got bitten by some stray mad dog,being so terrified he is unable to tell his parents about the accident and develops flu like symptoms which nobody bothers to notice. Until the furious symptoms develop, it was too late to be shifted to any nearby hospital and died due to share negligence.
Rabid Bat
As more common in the village area, it is also referred as the Neglected disease of the poor population where Vaccine and Antibody are not readily available.
It is caused by the attack of a foaming mad dog (most common in the local scene) usually attacking the kids of 5 to 15 years of age.
Following are the ways to prevent the fatal yet avoidable disease.

  1. Avoid contact with the animals you don't know.
  2. Pre exposure vaccination should be done of all the high risk individuals including Laboratory workers, Zoo keepers, Travelers who spend time in the Rural areas, Vets and others who work closely with pets.
  3. Call or visit the near by health care center as soon as any serious bite from the animal.
  4. Wash the wound immediately with Soap and Water thoroughly after the contact.
  5. Vaccinate the domestic animals.

Although research is going on to cure the the Late Stages of Rabies, no definite treatment is available once the furious symptoms develops.
Please feel free to share any update on the disease.
Stay aware and Stay Healthy.

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Asalamoalikum\Good Morning.
As the World Heart Day is approaching on 29 of September this year, reminds me
                                        Can the heart be only a sign of terror?
People who claims to posses heart, working hard to keep it Healthy,
Modifying their Lifestyles,
Limiting the intake of various greasy stuff ,
Walking Miles,
Involving themselves in heart racing exercises called as CARDIO etc
Definitely NOT!
Heart is a place where ALLAH S W T resides, it is a symbol of LOVE, emblem of KINDNESS and also nurtures SATISFACTION and HAPPINESS.
Here are some funny sayings about Heart giving us the other side of the picture..

  1. Don't break any body's Heart, they have only one, Break their Bones, they have 206.
  2. People say you can't live without LOVE, I think OXYGEN is more Important.
  3. Dear Heart! please Stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump Blood, THAT'S IT!
  4. I Love you with all my BUTT, i would say Heart but my BUTT is bigger.
  5. Every time i look at the Keyboard i see U and I always together.  


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Eid and Fitness: Do's And Dont's

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning                                          
Eid Fun
Wow! What a Cow,
                  Look at his long horns and the Hunch! It must be from the Sibbi!
                                                  It's one of its kind.
Guess it!
What's the occasion?
Yeah! Right,

It's EID-ul-AZHA, commonly  known as BARI EID. Its is one of the most popular festive occasion of the muslims celebrated around the globe in which a ritual of sacrificing the animal is performed according to the Sunnah of Prophet IBRAHIM. As, obvious, it is quite a Meaty affair. People usually indulge themselves in different B.B.Q, Tikka Parties and other Meat delicacies. But too much meat consumption will result into different immediate and delayed medical conditions affecting the overall Health.

Here are some simple tips to enjoy the true essence of the Eid without any cramps, bulkiness and else.
Bakra in action

  1.  Always wash the meat thoroughly removing all the blood and dirt from the surface as any remaining blood provides the media for the germs to increase in number leading to various gastric infections
  2. Indulge yourself in a bowl of greens and yellows. They are loaded with healthy goodness and provides the necessary fiber which the meat and meat products are lacking.
  3. Always insists on cooking the lean portion of the meat removing all the excessive fat. Try to cook it with vegetables or lentils to strike the right balance .
  4.  Steamed or Roasted meat is of much nutritive value than the fried one.
  5. Do limit the Invitations of the day and night B.B.Q parties.
  6. Make the habit of taking Green Tea\Lemon Juice after the meaty affair instead of Fizzy drinks. They will increase the metabolism removing the  harmful by products off the body.
  1. Don't give up your exercise routine as will keep up the moral up against not eating too much.
  2. Don't excuse yourself by overeating and sleeping the rest of the day as it will move the pointer ahead on the weight scale.
  3. Don't be impressed by the various tempting deals offered by the shops to have the mutton legs roast, or masalay dar chops from them this eid.
  4. Don't let the meat lying out for too long in this hot and dusty weather.
  5. Too much spices and peppers put on a great load on the stomach resulting in complaints like Acidity and Bloating.
  6. Don't stack up the freezer with tons of meat to be kept for months as the quality of the meat greatly alters as the temperature fluctuates due to power failures.
  7. Avoid eating out at the restaurants as we all have the idea of the donkey business going on here.      
 Although a lot of meaty affair is going on but still the best part of it is a wide portion of meat is distributed among the less privileged, remembering them and sharing the bounties and festivities of  EID.
EID Parlour

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy :)

Monday, 21 September 2015

Detoxifying your Life with Citrus

Asalamoalikum/ Good Morning.

Citrus fruits are the tropical blessings of the nature available in different forms through out the year in our part of the world. They are not  just the juicy, delicious treat  but are loaded with healthy goodness which are usually not widely appreciated.

Half cut citrus is a source of inspiration for me through years and years, it reminds me of the Spokes of the wheel, Sun and Sunlight.
Lemon, Lime, Oranges, Grapefruit, Fruitell are all part of the citrus family widely available here within the reach of both rich and the poor. There can be a thousand marvelous recipes with them, they can be employed as a magical ingredient to anything one can imagine, whether it is a mouth watering Marmalades, tarts, Cakes or it can be used as apart of a Preservative, Disinfectant,  Perfumes or any Refreshing Salads, Dressings for weight watchers. Garlands or Wreaths of the lime are also available on special request. Lemon peel is also works as Candles.

These magical juicy pouches are considered as ALL STAR Fruit, as they contain a special biochemical Compound called FLAVONOIDS, which are considered as ANTI-CANCEROUS.
For Weight watchers lemon and lemon juice are the important part of the menu.
Grape fruit are the rich Source of Vitamin C which is essential for bone forming Collagen and helps in the absorption of Iron.
Citruses are also found to be very useful for  Diabetics as they help in controlling the raised blood sugar levels.
Instead of Tea and Fizzy drinks a Lemon squeezed in a glass of water with leaves of Mint in it is not only Thirst Quenching but also Refreshing.
Lemon juice mixed with water is also used for cleaning the Jewelry.
Now I am sharing an important Recipe to purify yourself after a full fledged Holiday. This I called as DETOX WATER. Its ingredients are:

  • 2-3 table spoons of Lemon Juice
  • Filtered Water
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Slices of Cucumber, Lemon Slices with peel

This will flush all the junk from the body keeping hearty and Light throughout the day.
Now go and grab the one you like and enjoy the natural boosters.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

10 Tips to boost your Daily Routine

10 Best Tips to boost your Daily Routine.

Habits are the ways which we repeatedly do. It is a common saying that
“ First we make our habits than our habits made us”

They have profound effect on our life and relationships. Following are the some easy going tips which truly give a pop up and refreshing effect to our stagnant life and also help us to be a better person and a good Muslim.

1. Sleep
Seep is the integral part of our routine. Studies recommend to have a 6-7 hours sleep. An uninterrupted good night sleep boosts up energy levels and mood. Make a habit of giving a signal to your brain at maghrib (sunset) that you are going to sleep at 10 pm or 11 pm. Put of all the gadgets and devices half an hour before your sleep time.

2. Recite the Holy Book
We  as Muslim recite our holy book but the idea is develop a morning ritual before engaging into any other activity. Dot it daily you will notice that the whole day will be quite different and blissful from the previous one.

3. Work out / Exercise
Twice a day workout is the best thing for boost up your energy levels. Even a simple brisk walk for 30 minutes is a way to keep apart a number of diseases and your weight in control. It is also boost the self confidence and is known to cure mild to moderate depression.

4   4. Drink a lot of water

Don’t wait yourself to be thirsty to drink water. Drink before the urge and in small gulps otherwise it will quite nauseating to drink again and again.

5   5. Never skip the Breakfast
Breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day to keep the energy levels constant throughout the day but mind you I am talking about a healthy Breakfast. Oatmeal and porridge should be the not to omit part of the breakfast.

6   6. Rest of the Meal Plan
Indulge as many vegetable and fruits in your diet as you can because they not only make you full and relive your urge to eat more but also provides with the necessary nutrition’s and maintain weight, making you and your weight machine happy. Also Meat and Meat products should be limited to once a week.


7  7. Take Dinner Early
Now there comes the dinner which should be light and taken at least two hours before sleep. This will give enough time to the body to digest it preventing heart burn.

8    8. . Be Positive
Try to be a person who face any situation with
 “ AH what an opportunity !” rather than “ My ! What a Problem !”

Every situation behaves like we dealt it. Consider that every person has difficulties but who greet them cheerfully will be the winner in the end. Count your blessings every day this will be push you to next step.

9   9. Meditate
Give yourself sometime just before sleep to mediate. Close the door take deep breaths and think about the whole day, yourself, your achievements and goals.

1   10. Get back to your Goals 

Last but not least, there are situations and happenings where we all lost our daily routine but the best person is who revert back to his routine as soon as possible. Stick to it.
Wish you all good health because without this bounty we cant enjoy the blessings of our life.
Feel free to share these tips  to our friends and family and place the print out of them in a location where you can review them daily.
Stay Healthy and Stay Aware