Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Beware of Dogs: 5 Preventive Tips of Rabies everybody should know

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

Rabies, a viral disease caused by the bite or scratch of a Rabid animal, is 100% preventable.It is similar to Death sentence if untreated. Majority of the Rabies deaths occur in our part of the world.
It is also known as Hydrophobia because the patient develops an intense fear of water.
What prompts me to share some information about Rabies is a heart touching  real life incident of a small village kid who is an unaware victim of this.

Salim(name changed) is an apple's of his parent's eye as he is the first male child in the family. His giggles and laughs were well known in the whole neighborhood One day he got bitten by some stray mad dog,being so terrified he is unable to tell his parents about the accident and develops flu like symptoms which nobody bothers to notice. Until the furious symptoms develop, it was too late to be shifted to any nearby hospital and died due to share negligence.
Rabid Bat
As more common in the village area, it is also referred as the Neglected disease of the poor population where Vaccine and Antibody are not readily available.
It is caused by the attack of a foaming mad dog (most common in the local scene) usually attacking the kids of 5 to 15 years of age.
Following are the ways to prevent the fatal yet avoidable disease.

  1. Avoid contact with the animals you don't know.
  2. Pre exposure vaccination should be done of all the high risk individuals including Laboratory workers, Zoo keepers, Travelers who spend time in the Rural areas, Vets and others who work closely with pets.
  3. Call or visit the near by health care center as soon as any serious bite from the animal.
  4. Wash the wound immediately with Soap and Water thoroughly after the contact.
  5. Vaccinate the domestic animals.

Although research is going on to cure the the Late Stages of Rabies, no definite treatment is available once the furious symptoms develops.
Please feel free to share any update on the disease.
Stay aware and Stay Healthy.

Saturday, 26 September 2015


Asalamoalikum\Good Morning.
As the World Heart Day is approaching on 29 of September this year, reminds me
                                        Can the heart be only a sign of terror?
People who claims to posses heart, working hard to keep it Healthy,
Modifying their Lifestyles,
Limiting the intake of various greasy stuff ,
Walking Miles,
Involving themselves in heart racing exercises called as CARDIO etc
Definitely NOT!
Heart is a place where ALLAH S W T resides, it is a symbol of LOVE, emblem of KINDNESS and also nurtures SATISFACTION and HAPPINESS.
Here are some funny sayings about Heart giving us the other side of the picture..

  1. Don't break any body's Heart, they have only one, Break their Bones, they have 206.
  2. People say you can't live without LOVE, I think OXYGEN is more Important.
  3. Dear Heart! please Stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump Blood, THAT'S IT!
  4. I Love you with all my BUTT, i would say Heart but my BUTT is bigger.
  5. Every time i look at the Keyboard i see U and I always together.  


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Eid and Fitness: Do's And Dont's

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning                                          
Eid Fun
Wow! What a Cow,
                  Look at his long horns and the Hunch! It must be from the Sibbi!
                                                  It's one of its kind.
Guess it!
What's the occasion?
Yeah! Right,

It's EID-ul-AZHA, commonly  known as BARI EID. Its is one of the most popular festive occasion of the muslims celebrated around the globe in which a ritual of sacrificing the animal is performed according to the Sunnah of Prophet IBRAHIM. As, obvious, it is quite a Meaty affair. People usually indulge themselves in different B.B.Q, Tikka Parties and other Meat delicacies. But too much meat consumption will result into different immediate and delayed medical conditions affecting the overall Health.

Here are some simple tips to enjoy the true essence of the Eid without any cramps, bulkiness and else.
Bakra in action

  1.  Always wash the meat thoroughly removing all the blood and dirt from the surface as any remaining blood provides the media for the germs to increase in number leading to various gastric infections
  2. Indulge yourself in a bowl of greens and yellows. They are loaded with healthy goodness and provides the necessary fiber which the meat and meat products are lacking.
  3. Always insists on cooking the lean portion of the meat removing all the excessive fat. Try to cook it with vegetables or lentils to strike the right balance .
  4.  Steamed or Roasted meat is of much nutritive value than the fried one.
  5. Do limit the Invitations of the day and night B.B.Q parties.
  6. Make the habit of taking Green Tea\Lemon Juice after the meaty affair instead of Fizzy drinks. They will increase the metabolism removing the  harmful by products off the body.
  1. Don't give up your exercise routine as will keep up the moral up against not eating too much.
  2. Don't excuse yourself by overeating and sleeping the rest of the day as it will move the pointer ahead on the weight scale.
  3. Don't be impressed by the various tempting deals offered by the shops to have the mutton legs roast, or masalay dar chops from them this eid.
  4. Don't let the meat lying out for too long in this hot and dusty weather.
  5. Too much spices and peppers put on a great load on the stomach resulting in complaints like Acidity and Bloating.
  6. Don't stack up the freezer with tons of meat to be kept for months as the quality of the meat greatly alters as the temperature fluctuates due to power failures.
  7. Avoid eating out at the restaurants as we all have the idea of the donkey business going on here.      
 Although a lot of meaty affair is going on but still the best part of it is a wide portion of meat is distributed among the less privileged, remembering them and sharing the bounties and festivities of  EID.
EID Parlour

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy :)

Monday, 21 September 2015

Detoxifying your Life with Citrus

Asalamoalikum/ Good Morning.

Citrus fruits are the tropical blessings of the nature available in different forms through out the year in our part of the world. They are not  just the juicy, delicious treat  but are loaded with healthy goodness which are usually not widely appreciated.

Half cut citrus is a source of inspiration for me through years and years, it reminds me of the Spokes of the wheel, Sun and Sunlight.
Lemon, Lime, Oranges, Grapefruit, Fruitell are all part of the citrus family widely available here within the reach of both rich and the poor. There can be a thousand marvelous recipes with them, they can be employed as a magical ingredient to anything one can imagine, whether it is a mouth watering Marmalades, tarts, Cakes or it can be used as apart of a Preservative, Disinfectant,  Perfumes or any Refreshing Salads, Dressings for weight watchers. Garlands or Wreaths of the lime are also available on special request. Lemon peel is also works as Candles.

These magical juicy pouches are considered as ALL STAR Fruit, as they contain a special biochemical Compound called FLAVONOIDS, which are considered as ANTI-CANCEROUS.
For Weight watchers lemon and lemon juice are the important part of the menu.
Grape fruit are the rich Source of Vitamin C which is essential for bone forming Collagen and helps in the absorption of Iron.
Citruses are also found to be very useful for  Diabetics as they help in controlling the raised blood sugar levels.
Instead of Tea and Fizzy drinks a Lemon squeezed in a glass of water with leaves of Mint in it is not only Thirst Quenching but also Refreshing.
Lemon juice mixed with water is also used for cleaning the Jewelry.
Now I am sharing an important Recipe to purify yourself after a full fledged Holiday. This I called as DETOX WATER. Its ingredients are:

  • 2-3 table spoons of Lemon Juice
  • Filtered Water
  • Pinch of salt.
  • Slices of Cucumber, Lemon Slices with peel

This will flush all the junk from the body keeping hearty and Light throughout the day.
Now go and grab the one you like and enjoy the natural boosters.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

10 Tips to boost your Daily Routine

10 Best Tips to boost your Daily Routine.

Habits are the ways which we repeatedly do. It is a common saying that
“ First we make our habits than our habits made us”

They have profound effect on our life and relationships. Following are the some easy going tips which truly give a pop up and refreshing effect to our stagnant life and also help us to be a better person and a good Muslim.

1. Sleep
Seep is the integral part of our routine. Studies recommend to have a 6-7 hours sleep. An uninterrupted good night sleep boosts up energy levels and mood. Make a habit of giving a signal to your brain at maghrib (sunset) that you are going to sleep at 10 pm or 11 pm. Put of all the gadgets and devices half an hour before your sleep time.

2. Recite the Holy Book
We  as Muslim recite our holy book but the idea is develop a morning ritual before engaging into any other activity. Dot it daily you will notice that the whole day will be quite different and blissful from the previous one.

3. Work out / Exercise
Twice a day workout is the best thing for boost up your energy levels. Even a simple brisk walk for 30 minutes is a way to keep apart a number of diseases and your weight in control. It is also boost the self confidence and is known to cure mild to moderate depression.

4   4. Drink a lot of water

Don’t wait yourself to be thirsty to drink water. Drink before the urge and in small gulps otherwise it will quite nauseating to drink again and again.

5   5. Never skip the Breakfast
Breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day to keep the energy levels constant throughout the day but mind you I am talking about a healthy Breakfast. Oatmeal and porridge should be the not to omit part of the breakfast.

6   6. Rest of the Meal Plan
Indulge as many vegetable and fruits in your diet as you can because they not only make you full and relive your urge to eat more but also provides with the necessary nutrition’s and maintain weight, making you and your weight machine happy. Also Meat and Meat products should be limited to once a week.


7  7. Take Dinner Early
Now there comes the dinner which should be light and taken at least two hours before sleep. This will give enough time to the body to digest it preventing heart burn.

8    8. . Be Positive
Try to be a person who face any situation with
 “ AH what an opportunity !” rather than “ My ! What a Problem !”

Every situation behaves like we dealt it. Consider that every person has difficulties but who greet them cheerfully will be the winner in the end. Count your blessings every day this will be push you to next step.

9   9. Meditate
Give yourself sometime just before sleep to mediate. Close the door take deep breaths and think about the whole day, yourself, your achievements and goals.

1   10. Get back to your Goals 

Last but not least, there are situations and happenings where we all lost our daily routine but the best person is who revert back to his routine as soon as possible. Stick to it.
Wish you all good health because without this bounty we cant enjoy the blessings of our life.
Feel free to share these tips  to our friends and family and place the print out of them in a location where you can review them daily.
Stay Healthy and Stay Aware