Monday, 31 March 2014

Reading is Rewarding: 14 tips to develop Book Love in Kids.

Asalamolikum/Good Morning.

Children are not only a great bounty but also a great responsibility and resource provided to us and we as managers have to lead this resource to become a Good nation builder in the near future.

Kids Book
Parents are the child's first and most important Teacher. Parents should be like an intelligent Gardener who will securely tie the stem of the plant when young so that it wont get crooked eventually.
 A child who reads will be a child  who thinks.
Here are few guidelines to get the child love reading the books.
  1. Spare some Special time with your child everyday reading a Book. Always lookout for your Child interest when he/she can get involved .Be it a Naptime,Midday or best of all in the Morning after /before a Breakfast.
  2. Allow the Toddler to take books in his/her hand and scroll through the pages so that they become Familiar with them. For this, BOARD BOOKS are a better option.
  3. If the books are Brand New, bend them backwards to be READ READY. This will make it easy to turn on the pages.
  4. Choose books with colorful PICS and Drawings. Encourage the toddler to point Words and Objects.
    Colorful Children Books
  5. Make Reading an activity which is full of Fun and Learn. Ask Quizzes, Questions about the story to asses and improve the learning capacity of the kid.
  6. Read and reread the book the kid loves to listen. When he/she seems to ignore it , introduce a new book gradually, this will help the Toddler to better grasp the topic as well the moral.
  7. Keep the books within the reach of the Toddler so that he/she feel free to pick them up anytime.
  8. Gauge the kid's interest by reading on different Topics like RELIGION, CULTURE, FAMILY etc
    Kid Reading a book.
  9. When reading again, use a Dialogue style of reading by asking open ended Questions like why Cinderella use to feed the Animals?. This will capture the kid's interest till the end.
  10. Allocate a well lit space of the child's room as a READING CORNER. Make a closet with a Table, Chair and other interesting stuff there so that the kid loves to be there. Keep changing the setting so that everytime it attracts.
    Children Books Corner
  11. Also teach the Etiquettes of reading by showing them to be careful while turning pages.
  12. Reading should be a family affair. Let all the family members participate in the story telling, time to time, so that the toddler gains new experiences, memories and a build the bond between each other.
  13. Visit Book fair, Libraries often. Allow the toddler to pick the book of his/her own choice.
  14. Be an Example for your Kid because Actions worth more than Words .
    Story Book
A child brain develops at an incredible rate so don't wait your child to grow up. Begin Reading to him/her when the child is born.
Enjoy Reading With Your Child.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Earth Hour 2014 : 5 Inspirational Pics: Are we caring our Mother Earth?

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2014 : #EarthHour : 5 Inspirational Pictures

Serving the MOTHER EARTH

Protecting the Extinct Species

Promoting Organic Food


Growing more Plants


Providing Eco Friendly Environment

Be like an EARTH which takes in our compost & grow BEAUTY

So what do you think : Are we caring our Mother Earth? Please comment

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What's on the Menu Today? 12 Tips for Menu Planning

Asalamolikum/Good Morning:

What's on the Menu Today?
What's for Dinner?

These are the Most popular inquiries in every home.
Mums like me have been haunted for years by them. There is no cupboard where I can hide to avoid these questions.
To avoid the harassing looks of the kids, we should effort to prepare an effective menu plan which is not only rewarding for the tummy but also to the pocket. It not only save us from the last minute frenzy but a healthy menu encourages Healthy Eating Habits.
Here are few simple tips to keep your loved ones Happy and Hearty.
  1. Preparing the menu list beforehand is the best strategy from the many options available.A  Fortnightly meal plan, a Weekly Plan, a Night before meal plan. I personally like the last one because it gives us the clear picture of what I have at hand and appropriately I can arrange.
  2. Asking your family especially Kids about their Favorites makes
    it a lot more easier otherwise all effort will land in a trash. 
  3. Plan to suit your Lifestyle, I prefer once cooked eat twice type.
  4. The menu should be wholesome and nutrient wise. It should include every portion of the nutrients like proteins, carbs, fats, fiber etc to strike a balance diet.
  5. Asses the stuff available at the Fridge and Pantry.
  6. The sensitive food should top the list like FISH
  7. Be smart and flexible to visit the bazaars. Rush only when the fresh stock arrives,
  8.  Sides like Salads and sandwiches increases the value of the Meal and also add energy rich nutrients.
  9. Don't go extreme with the planning. Spontaneity and listening to the stomach cramps is a healthy habit.
  10. Don't forget to take the reviews from the family. From this a list of likes could be evolved  and helps to become a better cook.
  11. Always keep an eye on the clock. Never overindulge yourself.
  12. Always allow yourself to take rest and make any restaurant chef take your turn .
Have a Wonderful Day.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

World TB Day : 9 Common Myths About Tuberculosis

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

World TB Day
Tuberculosis is a serious but treatable disease mainly affecting the Lungs but can also affects other organs.
24th March is being observed as  the World TB Day to promote world wide awareness of the disease which in turn leads to decrease the Global Burden of disease.Every year 9 Million people have been Diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB), but 3 Million missed out the care they need and become the cause of spreading the disease.
Following are the common Myths about the disease.
  1. Tuberculosis(TB) is not an INHERITED Disease: it is not transmitted through genes i.e. parents to children but members of the same family can be infected.
  2. It doesn't spread by DIRECT PHYSICAL CONTACT  i.e. doesn't spread  by touch, handshaking, hugging. 
  3. No FOOD RESTRICTION is needed during the Treatment.
  4. It is not transmitted through BREAST MILK, mother can safely Breastfed her Child.
  5. If the patient is PREGNANT, she can also take Treatment, prescribed by a recognized Medical Practitioner.
  6. It is not transmitted by using, eating meals in patient's UTENSILS, wearing patient's dresses
  7. Tuberculosis is not caused by SMOKING but by a bacteria MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS however smokers are at a risk of getting respiratory infections.
  8. A POSITIVE SKIN TEST doesn't always indicate an ACTIVE DISEASE but only confirms the EXPOSURE of a person to a disease.
  9. It is not the disease of LOW SOCIOECONMIC STRATA but prevalent in places which are overcrowded, poorly ventilated and in people affected by malnutrition.
TB is among the Top Three causes of DEATH among women aged 15 to 44.
TB Mortality has been reduced over 40 percent Worldwide since 1990 and the incidence is declining .
 Pakistan is among the top ten countries where tuberculosis is prevalent. The need is to educate the people through media campaigns, conferences, seminars, workshops and local religious gatherings.


Saturday, 22 March 2014

Life Goes On : How to make the most of your TV time.

Life Goes On : How to make the most of your TV time.: Asalamoalikum/Good Morning  As the match fever is on the rise these days, everybody in the house glued to the screens is a common scene, ...

How to make the most of your TV time.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning 

As the match fever is on the rise these days, everybody in the house glued to the screens is a common scene, killing a lot of our precious time.
Watching match on TV
Want to know the tips to get the most out of time.Using this time simultaneously to do other chores is not a bad idea.It is known as MULTITASKING i.e Killing two birds with one stone.
Here are the few simple productive tips which are easy to follow while watching your favourite match #t20
  1. Stretch your muscles while watching.This will tone, tighten, and increases the circulation.Other workouts are Push ups , Crunches .
  2. Use commercial  breaks to make to do lists for a week, grocery list etc.
  3. Grab your laptop check your email, arrange them.This is the best time to update your email account.
    Enjoying TV with Friends
  4. Catch up the clothes for folding.Ironing is also an option.
  5. One can easily  chop, cut and mix the veggies,fruits to make a Healthy Yummy Salad, Fruit chat  while hooking on the television .
  6. Sweat yourself during a break by dusting the furniture, mopping the floor, cleaning the kitchen counters.

    ICC World T20 2014
  7. Avoid taking meals while television  is on.Meal time should be a family time .
Remember that moderation is the key.Cutting back the excessive screen hours will not only have a Positive  impact  on your Health but also nurtures a Healthy relationship with in family.
Best of Luck Team Pakistan !!!!

The Importance Of Water Captured : Best Pics

Asalamoalikum/Good Evening

22nd March is being declared as World Water Day #WorldWaterDay as water is becoming a rare commodity day by day and is being labeled as Blue Liquid Gold.

World Water Day 2014
Water is the one of the most important Blessing of Mother Nature. The need of the hour is to consume, protect and enhance the water reservoirs so that we continue using it.

Total Water in a Nutshell :

Total Water in a Nutshell

Importance Of Water:

Ask the importance of Water to a Thirsty?

 Do Not Waste water:

Common water wastage...............

Effects Of Water Wastage:

These are the Ultimate Effects of Water Scarcity.


How to Preserve Water :

Thus it is our moral responsibility consume water wisely
Next time think a thousand time before water. 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

5 Best Reasons For a Healthy Smile

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

World Oral Health Day #WOHD14 is being celebrated every year on 20th March to promote
worldwide awareness of a healthy mouth and help to reduce the Global burden of disease.

World Oral Health Day 2014

This year theme is "World Oral Health Day 2014, Celebrating healthy smiles".
 Everybody loves for the teeth which gives stain free, pearly white sparkling smile but very few of us take proper care of them. Teeth give the first impression of our hygienic habits.
 Here are few simple dental care habits which will perfect your smile and boosts your confidence.


Tea, Coffee, Pan, Cigarette, Dark Sauces, Colas are the culprits whose regular intake not only destroys our teeth but also leads to various oral diseases like Plaques, Halitosis, Tumors etc.
The best solution is to limit their use and try to brush at least after 30 minutes of consuming them.


Grip your tooth brush like a pencil keeping at 45 degree angle towards the meeting point of teeth and gums  and brush by moving in a circular motion.
Don't forget to clean your tongue this will give you relief from Bad breath..


By Flossing, the tight spaces between tooth and under the gum line can be reached, removing the causing bacteria left behind.
 Floss daily with holding it between thumb and fingers after winding around middle finger, rubbing it  gently over the tooth surfaces.

Natural Food


Eating foods that are firm, raw and crisps acts as a Natural Tooth Brush and clean the tooth as they are eaten and chewed: Apple, Carrots, Celery, popcorn etc.  or using a MISWAK made from a tooth brush tree(PEELU).
Tooth Brush


Change your brush and head (in case of electric tooth brush) every 2-3 months. Old brushes harbour bacteria. It should be augmented with FLUORIDE TOOTH PASTE.
Don't cover your tooth brush routinely.
Keep it upright position.
Any person's smile can make or break the appearance so if you are long overdue for a Dental Check up, now its right time to have an appointment.
 So feel  free to Smile, laugh, Whistle etc.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

International Day Of Happiness 2014 : 5 Best Quotes

Asalamolikum/Good Morning 

International Day of Happiness #Happiness will be celebrated on 20 March 2014. The purpose of this day is to recognize the power of being happy and to make this world a happy place to live. Secretory General, United Nations Ban-Ki Moon stated:
"Happiness may have different meanings for different people. But we can all agree that it means working to end conflict, poverty and other unfortunate conditions in which so many of our fellow human beings live"

Be Happy Yourself & Keep Others Happy
Happy Heart :)

I want to share following Happiness quotes which I like the most and make you happier also.
#5 Start Each Day With The Grateful Heart
#4 Be Happy For This Moment. This Moment Is Your life
Happy Treat

#3 If You Have The Power To Make Someone Happy. Do It Now. The World Need More Of That.
#2 Be Happy Not Because Everything is Good But Because You Can See The Good in Every Thing.
Collect Happy Moments
#1 Stay Humble Always. We Are All Struggling Looking For Happiness, Don't Make Others Fall So You Can Get To The Top. Stay Humble Whatever Is Meant To Be Yours Will Find You.
Happiness is Sharing Love

Be Happy Yourself & Keep Others Happy

Monday, 17 March 2014


Asalamolikum/Good Morning

Chiniot Jharoka
Bed Room Set

Made in Chiniot, this signature ignites the spark in furniture lovers. Chiniot produces the best international quality furniture which is appreciated for its style, durability and antiquity all over the world.
It is a special type of furniture with brightly  finished Wood carving, Embossing, Wooden inlay and Painting  done on pure sheeshan in a unique style. There is another technique called Geometrical
patterns in which small pieces of wood are joined together in a fantastic pattern which are both trendy and elegant.
Rooms come to live with:
Chiniot Swing
  • Chinoti Jharokas ( 3 pieces mirror set)
  • Deewan ( 3-5 Seater)
  • Rocking Chair,
  • Swings (Jhola) ,
  • Tea Trolleys,
  • Bed Room Sets,
  • Sofa sets,
  • Dinning table sets etc.
Chiniot is a historical town in the heart of Punjab bearing a prosperous look. These hardworking and talented people are very simple and hospitable.
Furniture making in Chiniot forms a vital part of Pakistan side Industry and is essential to the Punjab's local economy. Internationally Chiniot competes with the most modern industry of Italy which is known all over the world.
What is the need of the day is that this internationally acclaimed craft needs an extensive international marketing and modern working techniques and online modes of marketing should be incorporated so this craft become a potential source of foreign exchange. Exhibitions with extensive media coverage should be held on regular basis in all big cities which will definitely give a boost to this industry
Chiniot Art

 If you are looking for the sophistication and dexterity in furniture, then MADE IN CHINIOT is the right choice for you.
Wishing you all a Good Day!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

8 Tips to Cope with the changing Weather

Asalamolikum/Good Evening

Seasonal transition usually have bad affects on our health. Most of us can't escape to become ill and down during this period. By Eating Balanced Diet and maintaining a Healthy Life Style can knock out the health related issues associated with changing weather.
Here are few tips which will help to be in good shape and health when the weather is playing havoc.

1. Keep Hydrated : 

Several  glasses of water a day are necessary to protect our body from illnesses by flushing away toxins from the body.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Hangouts :

Avoid roaming out especially at dawn and dusk because breathing the air can exacerbate allergy symptoms. If, necessary wear a face mask which will to help you cope with the changing weather.

3. Take Adequate Sleep:

Proper sleep is a must because sleep give us a chance to rest and repair and strengthen our immune system.

4. Mind What you Take:

Avoid very cold and chilled foods and drinks, especially from the road seller vendors because of their substandard ingredients which are bad for throat.

5. Hot Deals:

Sip the warm liquids like Soup, Honey water with Cinnamon powder added, frequently which will give soothing affect to your throat.

6. Work Out :

Keep  an active life style. Daily workout help you to be in shape and challenges the doldrums of weather transition.

7. Limit sweets : 

Control your sweet tooth this season and delve yourself into the fresh fruits instead.

8. Indulge into Yellow and Green:

Eating fresh fruits rich in vitamin C like the Oranges, Lemon or just squeeze the fresh fruit juice with little spices added. This will give boost your immunity.

Unpredictable weather have worsening affect which can be harnessed by acting upon these simple tips but remember that these tips are not the alternative for MEDICAL CARE but inturns helps to recognize and respond promptly.
Wishing you all GOOD HEALTH this season.
Don't forget to leave your kind comments.