Thursday, 27 February 2014

Give your Breakfast a Boost!

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning.

Among our three straight meals, breakfast  is usually  the neglected  one.

Most of us rush to the working places with just a cup of COFFEE /TEA. But it should  be the other way round.Breakfast,  therefore , should  form the most significant meal and OATS are one of the miracle food and are the great way to start the day. 

OATS are the small,  nutrient rich, high fiber, low fat, health friendly wholesome grain,making it an excellence choice for breakfast .Here are some unignorable healh benefits  of OATS. 

  1. It is heart friendly,its soluble  fiber decreases the absorption  of BAD CHOLESTEROL .
  2. As having  a shocking nutritional  profile,  gives BOOST to your IMMUNITY .
  3. Maintains BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL  by giving the feeling of fullness and satiety .
  4. An excellenct medication encouraging BOWEL MOVEMENT, relieveing CONSTIPATION.
  5. All in all, it helps in CONVALESCENCE, giving strength  to the sick.

Beside breakfast  bowl, it can be cooked in multiple  ways,added in COOKIES, BREADS,  SOUPS,  PANCAKES  or simply used as a COATING for deep frying.
To enhance its flavor,it can be served with Bananas, Nuts, drizzled with Honey and cinnamon  powder.
You definitely  devoloped a crush on these AWESOME  OATS.If you are  still not taking it,  you are missing a great deal of nutritious fiber

Monday, 24 February 2014

Mommy's trouble:Tips about how to Feed a Toddler

Assalamolikum/Good Morning.

As most of the children are allergic  to food  especially home made nutritious recipes . My three year old is no different .To fed her is the most difficult  task of the world which has to be accomplished  day in and day out. 
As with all mom's instinct, unless  your child is well fed, one can't  be comfortable and satisfied After the dog chase cat, you finally have her sit on the dining chair,  at last.
As the feeding begins, one keep praying  deep down,  that the child might not regurgitate.As you are near finishing,  there comes a huge BAAA ...........
My God! What's this? You can see your efforts  straining  down the pipe.This  messy episode is accompanied  by the crying siren to add music to it.There begins the FINAL TEST of your PATIENCE.

What's  the answer to it? 
So here are few sincere tips to prevent  all this nasty episode .
  1. There should  be several hours gap between  meals,  allowing adequate digestion .
  2. Allow your child to play around in between  meals
  3. Give them plenty  of water and juices in the gap
  4. Always prepare homemade healthy foods, which are  free from bacteria and other germs.
  5. For snacks, give them fruits and veggies .
    1. Don't  over fed your child.Always  remember  that he/ she is also HUMAN.
    2. Don't keep your child in your lap/arms all the time this will hinders their digestion,leading  to constipation .
    3. Don't  allow your child keep munching on sweets and other JUNK FOOD.
    These are few  tips for the mothers .Hope you will find them USEFUL and PRACTICAL .
    Don't forget  to give your feedback. 

    Sunday, 23 February 2014

    Canvas on the move

    Asalamoalikum/Good Night

    You must be wondering what this creature is? 
    Is it the part of this world or the other!?
    Somebody  might be thinking of a bridal Makeover done on a vehicle  for the competition?
    Isn't  it?
        But it's  simply the LOADING VEHICLE  known  as The TRUCK which can normally  be seen on any thoroughfare here. Its truly the ART ON WHEELS representing the bright and colourful taste of PAKISTAN.
    As a matter of fact, it's the result of great zest and aesthetic sense of the owners / drivers who tried their best so that their vehicle stand out in style and decoration. It also costs a great  deal of money  to them.
    Actually the idea evolved when the craftsmen were hired to decorate the horse ridden  carriages. Each part of the vehicle is uniquely  adorned and decorated with meticulous  details i.e

    • Wooden carvings
    • Tape embellishments 
    • Paintings
    • Embossed art
    • Mirror  work
    • Ornaments 
    • Chimes /Bells
    • Calligraphy and last
    • A quote  or a message which  reflects the owners emotions
          • as the quote translate here as
    Cooking Tip for the Housewives
    Cakes can be kept fresh and soft for long if sprinkled with hot milk after baking.

    Saturday, 22 February 2014

    Weekend Magic

    Asalamoalikum/Good Evening

    Weekend is the time to cheer up, make fun and memories. It's the time to rejuvenate and reflect .But the point is to respect the time you have. A lot of frustration and anxiety can come if you have no plans to workout.

    Here are some simple and easy going tips to bring magic to your weekend
    1. Wake up at the usual time you do. If you wake up late you bade farewell to a lot of your precious time.
    2. Do the household chores on time and marinate some special seems a little awkward but believe me you feel a huge sense of relief completing the household.
    3. Children love to hang out .plan to attend the zoo, flower show, exhibition or just think where u can ferry your children around like grand parents, aunts ,friends.
    4. Relax .But don't hook to the electronic equipments like television, computers , video games etc. They kill the time extremely fast sucking up your energies as well.
    5. In the evening go out for a drive or a park .Change of scenery not only enhances your mood and energies but also keeps you motivational. Your mind will have new things to look at.
    6. Now there comes the hot aka delicious part of your weekend i.e. DINNER ..It's good to avoid any time consuming recipes here are some choices:(a) nuggets served with curry. (b) Rice with vegetable stew (c) Chicken roast with potato chips SALADS should make an integral part of your menu, make sure that the FOOD will NOT ONLY SCRUMPTIOUS but FILLING.


    Now add magic to it by giving away GIFTS to your family which will be surprise of the could be a simple pencil box to perfume.
    DEDICATE your dinner to the LOVED ONE This will definitely add memories to your WEEKEND.
    so get up guys.

    Treasure Your Weekend & Enjoy the Magical Moments !!!!!

    Thursday, 20 February 2014

    Mommy's fright

    Asalamoalikum/good morning

    Being a mother of a three year old, life is  quite  frizzy.Running  after her to prevent the house being turned  into a warehouse keeps u on your  toes.
    But the most fearful and apprehensive  moments are those when you try to wake up your child at midnight  to let her take milk!! 
    The child is half sleeping, half awake, you trying to sit her into your  arms, with her eyes closed, mouth half after preparing the milk in a cup or more difficult  in a glass,put it into her lips, constantly  reminding and talking her to keep mouth open.
    You are also worried that the drops of the milk will not drool from mouth corners and land into  her clothes
    In the meantime you also asked her to take breaths in between,so she might not have cough and regurgitations.

    Once the episode is over you took  a deep breath .Sigh. 
    Now the next pinnacle  is put her back to sleep calm and quiet .
    If this has been achieved  with success, 
    This episode  of waking, sleeping  must be experienced by all of u.
    Isn't  it!then you have the same fright as I had.
    Don't forget to leave your comments .

    A little cooking tip for the housewives ( whho keeps on working all 24 hours)

    Sometime you need to lighten the smell of garlic,saeute it in a butter for a few minutes 
    this will give it a wonderful  flavour removing its pungent smell.

    lively morning

    Asalamoalikum/good evening.

    As getting up from the bed  yesterday,I was not feeling full of life and valour,
    my eyes not opening widely, 
     getting  out of the bed being difficult, unintentionally hitting things
    And all in all not in a Good mood.
    My my! I got to realise these are the aftereffects of the late night party because it deprived me of my SLEEP. 
    Most of us had experienced this kind of situation  where we leave for offices,hospitals  and other places with a heavy heart, closed eyes.....
    Lack of sleep alter all our daily activities .

    Most important it alters  blood pressure, 
    Rising it to the dangerous  levels,

    Altering  hormones which in turn leads to increase appetite  and obesity.

    Affecting our working ability,

    Leads to irritable behaviour, with colleagues, pals,siblings,kids etc 

    After good diet and exercise 7 to 8 hrs sleep is a must for a healthy  lifestyle 
    Those having a good  night sleep enjoy  a long happy life with a good  mental health.
    Even the sleeping pills lose their efficacy with a continuous dear pals avoid late night engagements,drinks including caffeine,always shed off your worries before going to bed.
    Enjoy  a good night sleep and a lively  morning.
    And don't forget to comment please.
    A little tip for the housewives .
    For perfect  cake cutting  use dental floss,sounds awkward  but it works.

    Wednesday, 19 February 2014

    miracle food

    Asalamoalikum/good evening 

    Getting into the shape is the order of the day.
    Being  it a student, 
    A working  men or a women,
    A salesman or
    A housewife.
    There are a lot of investment  done on the advertisements of  getting  slim  but I will tell u the secret which is cheap, abundant, and at the same time healthy
    Can make a guess? 
     IT'S  WATER
     The very own water which  we don't took into account .
    But the principle is take it in the way that it will help us get out  of the box (a fatty  layer).
    1. You  must drink a glass  when u get up .This will do catharsis  of your body.
    2. Take at least 2 glasses  of water before every meal .This  will decrease your appetite  and make u feel full
    3. Keep  aside one and a half  liter bottle for you which u have to drink  it till night
    4. Last is whenever  u feel pangs in your stomach, drink  it. 
     This not only relieves any bowel disorder like constipation  but also gives glow to your skin and overall boosts your confidence .
    These are all experienced by the scribe but its all the game  of your will .
     When there is a will there is a way.
         GOOD LUCK PALS don't forget to leave your comments.

    A little tip for the housewives 
          To prevent  water from boiling  apply a layer of oil at the rim.this will be done while boiling potatoes, pasta etc.

    Tuesday, 18 February 2014

    when there is a will there is a way

    Asalam oalikum/good evening

    Sorry for being out of touch i.e out of blogger 
    Now u must b wondering abt the title
           When there is a will there a way
    Actually this  is the most important  theory of our lives.whether its
      Taking a career
      Signing a new contract
      Considering a relationship 
      Opting a family and most important
                GET INTO THE SHAPE
         iii know  most of you are interested in the last one. Isn't it?
    To b frank enough  I myself is very much bothered about
    Soooo to get in to the shape  is like climbing a cliff  or conquering a battle.
    B/cause losing weight  and maintaining it as well is all the game of your will. 
    U keep your will alive, u keep achieveing your goals.
     Good luck pals!

    A little  tip for the housewives (whose duty iinclude all 24 hrs)
       To make rice fluffier you Have add a table spoon of vinegar  or lemon  in boiling water)