Tuesday, 29 April 2014

World Immunization Week: You should have a shot soon if ?

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World Immunization Week

Thinking of a vaccine reminds most of us a well decorated room with  lots of mobiles(wall hangings) and cartoon characters amidst which a  female nurse was bending over the kid trying to get a fine moment of time where she can just jab at the child's arm. .Now there comes a teary eyed kid with all the bad emotions for the nurse.


This is the most common envision of the Vaccination but there is the other side of the story as well that is Vaccination in adults is as important and mandatory as in children.
As the World Immunization Week is around with the theme "Are You Up to Date" makes one ponder to get the belated shot as soon as possible not only the children but Adults also. As Vaccination provides the protection against many diseases in the most Successful and Cost effective way, the launch of the Immunization App by the WHO will help its users to be up to date with the upcoming shot. Now the question arises who should be Vaccinated?
  • If you are a Kid less than Five Years of age then your parents must be taking you to the Vaccination center according to the Schedule.
  • If you work in the Health Care Profession: As Health care Professionals are exposed to  all sorts of potential infections as well as various body fluids and blood. They should be up to date with the annual Influenza , MMR, Hep B and Hep A vaccinations in particular.
  • If you are a avid traveler and planning the holidays at the Sub Saharan lands of Africa and Tropical South America, then Yellow Fever Vaccination is a must.
  • If you plan to pay Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands of Makkah, Madinah, then Saudi Arabian govt requires to have the Meningococcal vaccination especially during the hajj season.
  • IF you are suffering from certain Medical conditions like Chronic Heart Disease, Diabetes mellitus, Lung Disease or a Smoker than a Pneumococcal shot and annual Influenza shot can prevent serious seasonal, meningitis and blood infections.

    Flu Shot

  • Pregnant women should have a Tdap vaccine during the 27 to 37 week gestation to protect the baby from Whooping Cough.
  • Patients who are at risk of certain cancers like Cervical and Liver cancers should have Hep B and HPV vaccination done.
  • Hep A and Hep B shots should be administered to the illicit Injection Drug Abusers.
  • Persons who are  fond of pets and constantly in contact with them should be  up to date in regards of vaccination. 
Stay Healthy Stay Aware !!!

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mommy's Scare: The most Frightening moment in my Life

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning 
Adorable Kid

There was great excitement in the air. Everybody seems to be in a gay and happy mood but the one who is the center of attraction seems to be little confused, little apprehensive and gloomy. Although she has quite a reputation in the entire family but obviously this was the first time she has to be all alone  entering a new phase of life. Everybody was showering their blessings and best wishes.
You must be wondering , this all is the preparation of some high profile celebration. No, No! To everybody's surprise, it is the night before my sweetie's first day at school.
As a final touch , I once again look at the bag and other accessories. The Pencil box, in particular, as this was the favorite item of her which has been brought after a long bazaar searching mission.
Finally in the morning, everybody gets up early to boost her morale as she still seems a little reluctant to attend the very first day at school.

First Day Of School

A great sense of relief was felt after dropping her at school with lots of kisses and good byes.
But this comfort does not seem to lasts longer. On returning she was not very happy. When enquired about her day at school she burst into tears. I instantly gave up to dig in the things and surprised her with her favourite food which makes her settled a bit.
But as soon as I opened the school bag, I am about to loose my mind. My, My ! There was not a single thing left undivided.
The Pencils were sharpened till the last bit, Crayons and other colors were halved into two and the books missing. It seems she must be in some fighting session rather than school.
As this all is shooting my aldosterone levels to the highest but thanks to my yoga classes which taught me how to better control yourself. I, keeping my patience level high, just asked what had happened?
She with a mischievous smile uttered in a completely impartial tone "Nothing".
This answer make me realize that I should be the one who should be frightened from the school rather than she ?
What's your point? Kindly Share.
First Day Prepration

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

How to Prevent Malaria in Children? : Checklist

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Malaria is a serious blood disease that is particularly dangerous to children due to their immature immunity.
It is mostly transmitted by the bite of an infected female mosquito however infected blood transfusion and contaminated syringes and needles are also responsible for malaria propagation..
World Malaria Day
Efforts are being  undertaken to make the malaria the disease of  the past by raising awareness among the masses through campaigns and by distributing informative literature. As Malaria is one of the top most killer of children the basic measures should be known to every mom to  keep their children safe from Malaria.
Baby well covered
Here are few simple measures which should be practised by every mom at home:
  • Buy a mosquito net at the first instance. A net with small meshes, no holes and be able to tucked under the bed is the best choice.
  • The child should be well covered while sleeping. A light coloured long sleeved shirt, pant and socks/ covered shoes is the ideal night suit.
  • Insect proofing all the sleeping rooms by covering the windows, doors, small ventilators in the wash rooms toilets with gauze.

mosquito net

  • Use of insect repellents over the exposed areas of the body, Be aware of any allergic reactions (rashes , itching etc). Don't apply over the cuts, wounds on very small babies.
  • Keep the room airy and well lit because mosquito are unable to withstand the fast breeze
  • Most important, keep all the medicines, sprays and other dangerous aerosols out of reach of children,
  • If the child has cycles of chills, fever, and sweating, Don't panic, seek immediate medical help. Delaying the treatment can lead to serious complications.
  • A healthy lifestyle and clear surroundings is essential as Malaria is a totally preventable disease.
Stay Healthy and Stay Aware !!!

World Book Day : Easy Tips to Build Book Reading Habit

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Every individual wants success in his personal and professional life, but to reach the destination and to achieve your dreams is not an easy task. Books are like a teachers and mentors which provide readers an opportunity to remain focused, motivated even in difficult situation and in complex problems.

On this "World Book Day" I want to share following easy tips which may help to add book reading habit in individuals daily life:

Book Collection

  1. Set some specific goal for yourself for each day/week for book reading for example: 3 pages per day, 1 chapter per week.
  2. Specify some amount from your monthly/yearly budget for buying a book.
  3. Select and purchase books of your interest. Biographies are great to help you to discover life of Great people.
  4. If you are a Parent then engage your child in book reading from the very beginning.
  5. Create book reading environment at your home either its a smaller place in your room.
    Home Library
  6. Visit "Book Exhibitions" which helps you to look at great number of different books at same location.
  7. Keep a book with you while travelling in bus/train to utilize your time for book reading.
Hoping above tips help to boost your Book Reading Habit.

Monday, 21 April 2014

International Mother Earth Day : Story Of Inspiration

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We owe a great debt from the Mother Earth but we do very little for its improvement and betterment. We rather switched over to machines or one can say converted to machines. We are just breathing air in and out with no emotions, no feelings, no caring.
International Mother Earth Day : Story Of Inspiration
But this man which can be seen in video is much better than us who deliberately or undeliberately , willingly or as a duty picks up the garbage from the area, put it in the bag only to be delivered to some factory in the remote area for a petty sum of money. But in the way of collecting these card boards, metals or other re usable items from the garbage, he is actually serving the mother earth.
We as Civilized citizens watch him with great dis likeness, try not to cross him but in real sense he is the true son of Mother Earth.
Hats off to this Man.
Please feel free to share your views about this, all of you are welcome

MotherEarthDay by mydatahir

Friday, 18 April 2014

12 Best ways that makes your Hubby loves you

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A good and caring husband is a blessing but having a great wife is the blessing doubled. Here are a few simple tips to become a great spouse.
  1. Lay the foundation of your Relationship on the floor of TRUST, SINCERITY and CONFIDENCE. Don't try to hide petty matters from your hubby whether it be that you have spent extra money on shopping or something else.
  2. Think, Act and Behave in a manner that will make him feel important and worthy.
  3. Conquer him via LOVE. Tell him often that  I am glad that I married you
  4. Never neglect yourself in terms of Beauty and Freshness. Use your wits to appear more Presentable, Eye-catching and Cheerful.
  5. Bake, Make or Buy your hubby's favorite Food. Learn to kindle the spark of happiness in your married life in doing small chores.
  6. Don't make the mountain out of the mole. Keep away from the Gossip masala because it can play havoc in lives.
  7. Remember that SILENCE is the Best answer. Never be Angry and Argue at the same time as it doubles the miseries.
  8. Always receive your spouse with a Happy and Cheery mood.
  9. Try to be Forgiving. If one conceals the faults of others, ALMIGHTY will conceals his faults. Don't dig up the past mistakes. 
  10. Avoid making Sarcasm and Overruling. Advise with dignity and love.  
  11. Thank and Praise him often for what he does for the family. 
  12. Pray ,Pray and Pray. Pray to Almighty for being a great wife.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sindhi Topi: An Embroidered Masterpiece

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

The cap or the head wearer is regarded as a symbol of pride and honor for men all over the world moreover in the Eastern part of the world. It is not only regarded just a cap but the sign of Respect and Pride. Most of the men here, never leave or make the public appearance without adorning a Traditional cap or Turban. There are several Quotes or Proverbs associated with the caps, turbans in the native language. Honorary relations like that of a sis are compared and respected as Head wearer.

Sindhi Topi
As far as the Sindhi Culture is concerned, a very Unique cap or Topi is considered an integral part. Without this wonderful cap Sindhi attire is incomplete. Sindhi Topi is the Cultural identity and mark of honor to the Sindhi men. This awesome TEXTILE CRAFT from the Rural part of Sindh is found in every house.

Ajrak and Topi
This hand woven masterpiece is the result of great physical and mental labor put in by the virtuoso artisans. The creative Hub of this beautiful craft lies in various districts of Sindh like Tharparker, Larkana, Nawabsah, Umerkot, etc.

This cap is unique for its craftsmanship and totally different from other regional head wearers like Turbans etc. It is round in shape from sides and flattened from above with a portion cut from the front to expose the Forehead representing the Islamic Culture of Mimbar and Mehrab.As it is not so large, it snugly fits on the head without the need of the tie or the ribbon. It is also popular in other tribes like AFGHANI, SARAIKI,  BALOCHI. These Sindhi caps are adorned with intricate and exotic geometrical designs and patterns made of colorful embroidery and to augment the splendor and sophistication very Small pieces of MIRRORS are stitched with great delicacy making it glitter in the light. A great variety of colors are available to match every mood.

Kid wearing Cap
Every Sindhi men whether a Land lord or a Hari(farmer) owns a Sindhi cap and used to wear it on every occasion like EID, MARRIAGE, PARTIES. People living in other parts of the world also show great interest and liking in this traditional Sindhi attire and used to wear it on a local visit.

SINDHI TOPI  and AJRAK(a Shawl) is considered a Special gift and a sign of Respect from the Sindhi people reflecting  their warm and hospitable nature.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bird's Morning Bath ... The Fun Way to Start the Day

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Bird's Morning Walk

Today during my daily morning walk I found a very fascinating and interesting video which I want to share  with my readers. So the "Bird's Morning Bath" gives the inspiration to start the day with activities which help to feel happiness, energy and calmness. Kindly see the below movie clip and share it with others.
Note: On request of some readers I have uploaded file on following URL as well:


and Audio File:

Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy !!!!

Mommy's Trouble:The most Awkward moment in my Life.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

kids caught in Kitchen
It happened when I visited my beloved aunt last weekend upon the pressing request of my kids as they want to hang around with the most mischievous children of the world( their cousins).
After thinking about a thousand times, I agree to give way to their request only to hear a deafening Hurrah shout but with the promise to behave like the well mannered kids.
Upon reaching there, I and my aunt was overwhelmed by the emotions as we haven't met for last few months. As we lie down comfortably on the couch after greetings, the kids ran to play outside. We get very much involved in the chit chat that almost forgotten the kids as I will sure enough they will keep the promise.
But as the Quote goes
What! if the promise is not kept
After an hour of no hear and seen from the kids, my Sixth sense start pulsating.
Upon my request, we began searching for the kids every nook and corner of the house under the beds, behind the curtains, in the store room but all the efforts end in vain. Our anxiety start reaching the pinnacle after this nothing found search. We also open the front door to look as if the kids were outside. Now the fear factor starts pouring in and the halo of unending frightening thoughts begins surrounding us.
I am about to burst into tears then I clicked to peep into the Kitchen also. Upon stepping into the kitchen ,we instantly got struck by a great show.
O My God!!!!!!What the mess is this? The kids were busy dusting Flour at each other. They have become unidentifiable...all in all in Flour from Head to Toe. Hairs turned Grey, Dark blue shoes turned White.......The kids were also remained awestruck as they were caught red handed.
But before I start  saying anything, they turned towards us somewhat ashamed saying S O R R Y.
I instantly got hold of them, bade farewell to my aunt, rush towards the home with my FLOUR DUSTED  CUTE kids.

Next time I restrict myself taking them to my aunt but deep down I enjoyed the instant caught scene so do they.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Shaking Palsy in the spotlight:10 common facts about Parkinson's Disease.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

Symbol of Parkinson's disease
As World Parkinson's Day has been observed on 11th of April to mark the Birthday of MR.JAMES PARKINSON, who first notified this disease as SHAKING PALSY  in his writings As a doctor I asked my High-profile up to date friend about what he knows about Parkinson's disease.
His answer make me gasping for breath while drowning in the bathtub. To be concise his reply was
It is some kind of disease which should be prevented by improved sanitary conditions
O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!This reply gave me a 1000KV bolt. This incident made me realize the awareness about Parkinson's Disease in my part of the world. The few of them who have little knowledge about Parkinson's disease are the ones who relate them with great World famous Boxer Muhammed Ali as he is confronting the same disease.
So I intend to write some common facts about Parkinson's disease which everybody should at least know.
Short Stepping gait
  1.  Parkinson's disease is a Neurodegenerative Disorder i.e. it is related to the damage of the particular part of the brain leading to abnormal body movements.
  2. Scientifically it occurs due to the gradual loss of the cells producing a chemical called DOPAMINE. This chemical help to transmit messages between nerve cells. As a result of this loss, messages are disrupted leading to movement disorder like TREMORS,SLOWNESS,RIGIDITY.
  3. There is no definite cause of the Parkinson's disease have been found yet
  4. It is a Progressive type of disease that the symptoms gradually worsen over the period of time.
  5. It usually affects the older group of population but the Early onset Parkinson's disease can affect adult of any age.
  6. It is to remember that Parkinson's disease is not a Life Threatening disease but alters the over all quality of life.
  7. A typical Parkinson's disease patient have a Blank faces  with a monotonous speech.He walks with a small shuffling-steps with loss of arm swing.His hands shakes when not in use.He has difficulty performing daily tasks at the usual speed.Other problems he battled are Depression, anxiety, Sleep, etc.No two patients of the Parkinson's disease presents with the same complains.
    Tremor Canceller
  8. Diagnosis of the Parkinson's disease is made on Exclusion criteria.that is other causes of the same symptoms have to be ruled out to diagnose Parkinson's disease.
  9. There is no Absolute cure for the Parkinson's disease but the symptom based therapy gives a good control of life. Multidisciplinary approach is the key to lead a productive and independent life for years.Research is going on,soon there will be cure.
  10. There is no prevention ,anybody can get Parkinson's disease.This is also the Theme of this year.
I tried my best to encompass the common points about Parkinson's disease,however if I am missing something feel free to share.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

10 Easy Tips to watch your weight at home

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning
Healthy Meal

 Looking slim and smart is a dream of every man and woman. But Slimming Programs and Institutes are charging a great deal making a big hole in the pocket. Following are 10 easy tips and habits to accomplish this goal with out costing a penny.
  1. Drink a lot of water especially at least 2 glasses half hour before breakfast.
  2. Take a warm cup of honey water i.e. 1 large spoon of honey in a cup early in the morning.
  3. Minimize your Daily sugar in take like taking tea without sugar 
  4. When you take out the milk from the fridge remove the thick layers of cream from it. This will make it fat free.
    Fiber Rich Food
  5. Switch over to the whole wheat products like flour, Bread, Cookies.
  6. Make your TV time your time to work out for yourself. While hooking on the television, give your neck nodding and rotation movement, stretching your hands and legs etc.
  7. Take adequate sleep.This will regulates the hunger hormones and normalizes your appetite.
  8. Make high fibre food like Cholas (Beans), Salads your favorite.
  9. Give your maid a little rest and took up the dusting cloth yourself.
  10. Count your blessings and review your goals every day .This will boosts your morale and keep you motivated.

Eat healthy and Stay Healthy !!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Be aware of your Cholesterol levels:The Good and the Bad

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning
Healthy Blossoms

When my hubby has been diagnosed with High blood CHOLESTEROL levels, the panic strikes the family. Everybody started pouring their valuable suggestions aka Totkay to get rid of this menace as soon as possible and the patient(my hubby) has nothing to do except nodding every aunties in affirmative. He becomes a true picture of pity and become trapped in sheer confusion.
He was not the first person in the family who has got the raised Cholesterol levels but as a matter of fact he is very dear to all. I being a Doctor became a calm witness to the whole situation.
As the leading lady of the home and a concerned wife, the ball eventually landed in my court. Apart from making some drastic life changes I intended to write some of these valuable guidelines to the ones who have been the victim of the similar situation.
Cholesterol has become quite notorious for some times and every disease is being linked to it but the point to be noted is that it is not the Cholesterol itself but its Higher than Normal blood levels is the REAL CULPRIT. 
Cholesterol itself is an essential part of our body cells but the Higher Cholesterol levels poses serious threats to health and increases the risk of Cardiovascular diseases.
Blood Cholesterol levels are directly related to the dietary fat intake.
Now the puzzling question is
What is GOOD Cholesterol? What is BAD Cholesterol?

 Actually Cholesterol is transported in the blood by various Lipoproteins. These lipoproteins are mainly of TWO types.
It is the Cholesterol removing lipoprotein, called GOOD as it helps carry LDL away from the artery wall.
It delivers Cholesterol to the body, called BAD because too much LDL can build on artery wall, clogging them.
Fruits for well being
Please don't be mistaken by the word LOW as it is the clot forming cholesterol leading to the HEART problems.
Now comes the Question of the Day?
What significant changes should be made on the Menu Card?
How to lower the raised Cholesterol level?
The important one as How to remain the Kitchen QUEEN while preparing tasty yet healthy food?
As far as MEDICATION is concerned STATINS or LIPID LOWERING AGENTS are the common prescription but the FAT LOWERING DIET and the LIFESTYLE CHANGES are as important as gulping down the PILL.

Heart healthy Plant derived fat is proved to be reducing the CHOLESTEROL levels if consumed on a regular basis.



  • Whole grain products: Pasta, Bread, Flour, Brown Rice, Oats, Barley's.
  • High Fibre Diet: Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Lentils, Cholas
  •  Omega 3 Rich Diet: Fish, Walnuts, ground flax seeds
  • Oils: Canola Oil, Sunflower, Olive, Soybean
  • Green Tea: Significantly lower bad cholesterol


  • Butter or other solid fats like Ghee.
  • Baker's item: Pastries, Cookies, Doughnuts, Fried snakes, Burgers.
  • Full Cream Dairy Products, cheese, Yogurt
  • Canned, Preserved Foods

I know it is very difficult to switch to the diet which has been taken for granted for ages but it is worthy of the situation.

Avoid Confectioneries
Eat to Live, not Live to Eat. Decreasing the overall weight has a significant lowering effect on the Cholesterol levels but the most important is to decrease the Belly fat because there is a higher risk of health problems related to increase waist size.
The Women waist size should be under 88 cm (35 inches)
The Man waist size should be under 102 cm (40 inches)
Make a note of the current eating habits and the habits to be pursued, paste them in an eye catching place,  every time a glimpse of it gives a punch of motivation.
My hubby adopts a few habits to watch his weight.
Popcorn Treat
  1. Drinking a lot of Water, 2 glasses especially before the Breakfast. This will do catharsis of the body and keep bowels running.
  2. Taking ISPHAGHOL HUSK daily at bedtime. This has also found to be very beneficial.
  3. He use to treat himself with Pop corns, Chola's (black gram) instead of Fried Potato chips, fried Papad etc.

Exercise and exercise ,there is no escape from it and no better way to keep yourself boosting with Positivity. If cant exercise daily (as in the case of my hubby) workout on at least Three days a week. Most important is to slowly start Exercise, build up to a 60 minute endurance level and keep it up.
Daily Exercises
Apart from these changes, my husband willingly quit smoking which not only helps in declining the levels but also normalises his Blood Pressure.
The Rule of the Thumb is 3P that is PATIENCE,PERSISTENCE and PERSEVERANCE. Sticking to the changes for at least about six months begin showing up the positive results.
Wishing all a HEALTHY and HAPPY CHANGE.   

Saturday, 5 April 2014

World Health Day: Do's and Dont's

 Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

World Health Day is being observed on 7th April. This year topic is vector-borne diseases with  the slogan  'Small Bite, Big Threat' .

World Health Day
Vector borne diseases are endemic in our part of world. They are prevalent due to the overcrowding and unhygienic living conditions augmented by the poverty.

These diseases are transmitted by intermediate organisms such as Mosquitoes, Flies, Fresh water Snails that carry viruses, bacteria and parasites. These insects utilize human blood for their propagation and are responsible for causing infection. By eradicating the breeding sites these infections can be under control.
The diseases which include Dengue, Malaria, Chagas disease, Elephantisasis are completely preventable by the following measures.


  • Keep  yourself covered adequately by wearing long sleeves shirts and pants.
  • Use Mosquito repellents all over the body. If you are allergic, use the herbal one.  
  • Spray insecticides into the dark corners of the house like under the beds, sofas, curtains etc
  • Use mosquito bed nets while sleeping. Insecticide treated bed nets are also available
  • Ensure adequate fluid intake and rest during fever. Diet should comprise of Fresh fruits and milk.
  • Natural way to reduce fever is to apply Cold Packs but don't hesitate to rush to the hospital in case of seriousness.


  • Don't visit outdoors frequently during the outbreak wearing shorts.
  • Don't wear dark colored clothes because mosquitoes get attracted to the dark colors.
  • Minimize Travel to hot and humid regions during the mosquito breeding season.
  • Don't let the water stand in your surroundings and community. Clean and control garbage in yards and gardens. 
  • Don't panic when someone is down with fever as most patients recover completely.
  • Don't let the children play outdoors at dawn and dusk because kids are more susceptible to bite

Educating the people/communities about preventing these diseases should be the major task in order to get the world free from them.

Breeding heaven
A healthy lifestyle and clean surroundings play an important role in creating healthier and diseases free environment.
 Stay Healthy and Promote Health by Information Sharing !!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tea Time:Are you Struggling for the Same?

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning:

It was a fine clear morning, the Sun was about to make an appearance, the Birds were singing and praising the beauty of Nature.The cool breeze was playing with my dupatta  and there were two steaming cups of Tea lying in front of  us(me & my hubby) as we were enjoying the scene.
tea with parathas
We were very much mesmerised by the lovely surroundings & overtaken by the birds dance in which they are trying to supersede each other.
Suddenly I felt hot over my foot. The tea cup I  was holding was little tilting. Thanks to my sixth sense...   now there was not much tea left in it
My hunger pangs were also on the rise. I can see the birds feeding their children. I strongly felt the need of some cookies with my tea. But the problem is this I have to leave this all beautiful, adorable, enchanting ambiance and rush to the kitchen to fetch those cookies jar.
I looked around as if my hubby is  getting the situation who has now indulged himself in the politics (read country politics) of the newspaper. He seems to be a victim of the newspaper conspiracies to read more & more...
tea time
Now I  have to leave my chair and walk through the aisle with a heavy heart and leg and begin searching for the cookie jar.
To my surprise, the jar is lying just under my nose, nearly half open. I can treat myself with the single cake rusk left, making a fun of my craving...
I instantly grab it and rush to start the episode where it was left in the garden. All was same there ... my hubby still victimised by newspaper, sipping his tea and the birds feeding ...I quickly jumped into my chair with the cakerusk holding tightly and pick my cup of tea which is half left.
Dunking my cake rusk into tea , as I am about to bite my cake rusk, I felt nothing in my mouth ...Oh my God what's happen now? I instantly got hit by this bang that who stolen my cake rusk? My only one!!!!!!!! I looked at my hubby who seems to be the most indifferent person. Then I glance at my half filled cup which has become full by the the sinking cake rusk. I yelled at the top, quick pass me a spoon my Cake Rusk fallen into my tea.
My hubby shocked and took by surprise with my chant and ran to fetch the spoon but before he came the cake rusk disappeared.
My husband consoled me a lot but this cake rusk missing moment made me gloom the whole day..and I just have to sip the cake rusk filled tea....