Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Granny, The Wonderful women.

When I gave birth to my first child, I was really really dumb about the newborn care, not only because I have become the mommy for the first time but because the newborn is the pre-termer also. Her birth was through the C-section conducted in the emergency Department and was immediately shifted to the NICU after coming to this world.

Granny,My best friend.
Granny,My best friend.

After growing under the NICU Docs and cared by the nurses for a week, she is finally strong enough to breathe in the fresh air on its own. As I am never a Baby person, the test on my part begins. I really don't have the slightest idea even how to hold the pre-termer baby. I was taught the Basics by the loving nursing staff there but still I am in the need of constant support 24/7 after the discharge from the hospital.

But thanks to Almighty, she has been blessed with the awesome granny who is ready to ride with us on the parenting Bandwagon and being there for all the Emotional and Physical Support.That was really a tough time as the routine for the Preterm is quite different from the term child but my Baby is very brave to face all the temperature variations she had been thru in the first few weeks of life assisted by the granny and the docs at the emergency visits. The road to life isn't easy for her, there are many stumbles which she was crossing successfully and slowly, making a steady progression.

Yet, the hard time has to come when I joined the part-time duty. Now, again I need the granny to care for my little Cutie Pie to conquer the front of the part-time working Mother.

With the Kids in sight, she has to play many roles from the feeder to the playmate and the lovely supervisor also. Some of her best entertaining areas are,

  1. She is an awesome cook, prepares all kinds of scrumptious dishes to please their grandkids, never ever mind to cook instantly anything their grandchildren asked for. She is especially good at cooking Sweets.
  2. Granny is always best at dealing with the tantrums.She uses different tactics to deal with the meltdown by offering a joke or a favorite drink. She knows by experience the controlling button of the kids.
  3. If any of her grandkids got sick, she has the whole bucket of Natural remedies and potions and avoids using the Allopathic pills.
  4. Usually, my sweetheart had her garments stitched long before the festivals because her granny is the first to think about what she will wear on that occasion and shop for her.
  5. As we all live in the digital world...my activities with the kids revolve around smartphones and other gadgets but the Granny always favors the conventional activities for kids both indoor and outdoor like book reading, Board Games, Ball Throw etc.
  6. Whenever any baby has a fall or bumped the door she is the one to show up first and offer for help bringing warm milk with turmeric.
  7. However, in normal circumstances, she is a patient, suffering from multiple diseases of the back and limbs, but for kids, she is the most active and become their best friend forgetting all her pains.
  8. What my kiddo admires her most is that she is never ever in a hurry, always allow the kids to take their time while tieing shoes, pulling up pants.
  9. A granny's lap is a place where the kids use to hide their mischiefs. She always favors her whatever the fault is and my dear one knows it quite well how to get all the sympathies.
  10. With the grandkids around, she never minds that her normal live come to a halt while she devotes herself to the kids,cherishing every moment of their company.
So without the granny, my kidoo won't be having so much special in her life, as they are taught to be great human beings which I alone can't achieve.

Thank You Granny.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Book Review: Unleashing Your Creativity By Majid

I have given this opportunity to review a short guide by Majid Mehmood, business consultant titled :

Unleashing Your Creativity: A short guide to becoming more creative 
Author : Majid Mehmood.

Although I am not a life coach or a mentor but anything related to creativity fascinates me a lot. I instantly got inspired when any creative piece of work rolled in front of my eyes so this book instantly got my attention.

It is a short book, consisting of 53 pages altogether  covering the topic in 9 Chapters, each chapter begins with an ambitious quote, inspiring the reader to move on .

Unleashing your Creativity.

In the initial Chapter , the author keeps the readers engrossed with different definitions of creativity as it is the process of materializing the idea into the product by tapping into your creative potential. He supports creativity  because to have fun without thoughts, thinking obstacles as opportunities to enhance the brain activity, nurturing new neural pathways and overall increasing the productivity.

Perfectionism, Procrastination, Fear, Anxiety, Guilt are the hurdles to the creative potential. They will not allow your Imagination to get working. Give wings to your Imagination. Get inspired and motivated by the sources of positive energy around you. your books, your parents.

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” 

                           ― Sylvia Plath.

Creativity Killers
Enemy of Creativity.

He also shares two methods of tapping the Creative Potential,



Both of them begins with drafting down all the thoughts and imagination, then constant editing and reviewing to bring out a unique product, asking the why's, where's in between. In the last chapter, he beautifully defines ways to remain creative in our capacity.

The essence of this short guide is to allow yourself to play with your Imagination and challenge your copy paste Lifestyle, grow your hunger to do something New, something Creative , something that is Different. Make it a fun habit of yours. Sooner or Later you will be on the pinnacle of Productivity.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.” 

― George Bernard Shaw

Imagination is the beginning of Creativity.

You can purchase the book here