Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mommy's Trouble:The most Awkward moment in my Life.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

kids caught in Kitchen
It happened when I visited my beloved aunt last weekend upon the pressing request of my kids as they want to hang around with the most mischievous children of the world( their cousins).
After thinking about a thousand times, I agree to give way to their request only to hear a deafening Hurrah shout but with the promise to behave like the well mannered kids.
Upon reaching there, I and my aunt was overwhelmed by the emotions as we haven't met for last few months. As we lie down comfortably on the couch after greetings, the kids ran to play outside. We get very much involved in the chit chat that almost forgotten the kids as I will sure enough they will keep the promise.
But as the Quote goes
What! if the promise is not kept
After an hour of no hear and seen from the kids, my Sixth sense start pulsating.
Upon my request, we began searching for the kids every nook and corner of the house under the beds, behind the curtains, in the store room but all the efforts end in vain. Our anxiety start reaching the pinnacle after this nothing found search. We also open the front door to look as if the kids were outside. Now the fear factor starts pouring in and the halo of unending frightening thoughts begins surrounding us.
I am about to burst into tears then I clicked to peep into the Kitchen also. Upon stepping into the kitchen ,we instantly got struck by a great show.
O My God!!!!!!What the mess is this? The kids were busy dusting Flour at each other. They have become unidentifiable...all in all in Flour from Head to Toe. Hairs turned Grey, Dark blue shoes turned White.......The kids were also remained awestruck as they were caught red handed.
But before I start  saying anything, they turned towards us somewhat ashamed saying S O R R Y.
I instantly got hold of them, bade farewell to my aunt, rush towards the home with my FLOUR DUSTED  CUTE kids.

Next time I restrict myself taking them to my aunt but deep down I enjoyed the instant caught scene so do they.