Friday, 25 December 2015

Side effect of the marriage..... A funny experience.

 Aww! It was such an incident which keeps amusing me till now.

Actually it was the visit of my beloved friend who happened to be in my town for the honeymoon sort of thing plus visiting the kin.

Now you must be wondering what is funny about it?. Actually they are labeled as the most stunning couple of the year so everyone including yours truly is also impressed by their looks and almost dying to host them. After pressing too much they nearly agreed to show up the next day, but to our disappointment, they were unable to make but promised for the next Friday. As they were in the A list, we obliged despite my hubby’s business engagement that day.

 As I happened to be the only one to look after the arrangements from the Groceries to the Cooking, the Dining table arrangements to the Washrooms cleaning, my Adrenaline starts rising. It was a very busy week bringing everything to the perfection but every time a new problem pops up and reminding me of my human.

At last the grand finale (the day of the feast) arrived and nothing was short of perfection as I had put my heart and soul into it.

The guests when arrived as usual in full bloom. The smartness and the attire of the couple was killing. Soon the wife accompanied me to the lounge and began pouring her travel adventures but I was unable to track what she is muttering as I was mesmerized by her gorgeous looks, making me visit down the memory lane regarding my looks in the initial years of marriage. I only came back when her husband called her to leave.

Oh my god! How can I forgot the dinner?

Now I hurry up to arrange the whole lot of dishes which I prepared out of sheer love. But not to my amazement, they just took a bit of everything which is the truly the secret of their Smartness and Sleekness. After a brief chit chat they insisted to leave without meeting my hubby.

Late night when my hubby showed up, I immediately opened the Pandora box of the whole meet up insisting on the couples impressive looks making him realize that he missed a great deal.

The days gone by and I become engaged with the kids and all changing into a distant memory.
A couple of days back when I happened to visit the local arena, a women in a well fitted gown give me a tight hug leaving me in an awe who she was? When she disclosed her identity I was about to faint. She was the same young lady whom I invited for the dinner a year ago as a newlywed. She has not only changed but to my astonishment has completely turned into an aunti sort of thing... I felt ashamed that I was unable to recognize her but gladly she doesn’t mind.

My husband was constantly laughing during the whole journey back home as he was also mocked by my picture of that couple and the reality. I keep insisting him that she was totally different a year before but he was not believing me. Truly speaking, I must be in the same lane if I haven’t met the couple a year ago.

This is the most common side effect of the marriage. As soon as the Honeymoon period is over, all those smart attires have been locked in the wardrobe replaced by the baggy loose comfy dresses hiding the excessive fat pockets. Why women so negligent of themselves needs another post......

This funny experience makes me quote that a lady finger transformed into a potato with only a contract called Marriage.
Can anyone of you relate the same?

Side effect of the marriage

Friday, 18 December 2015


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When I asked a question to myself,

What motivates me?

What is my motivational model?

A picture start to reel on the screen of my mind like Flash Cards!
Is it a heart touching Quote?
Is it my visit to the Holy lands of Makkah & Medina?
Is it my blogging adventures & the gorgeous people I came across on the blogging platform?


Any experience?

Yes! I got it!  The last one hit me hard and created ripples in my mind. It is those tragic events of my life which transformed me and bring out a more humbled and more adapting human being from a stubborn chap.

As a post-graduation student of medicine, I had all work and no play schedule with alternating night duties. I was completely immersed in the worldly pleasures and was flying high on the seventh sky. I was just concentrating to give my best then suddenly my elder kid was diagnosed with an untreatable ailment. This news left me in great shock and thrown me in the sea of despair and agony. Everything appears to be taunting. Then by Almighty’s grace I came across with the person who helped me to reach the harbors of Gratitude and Inspiration. She is my young tajweed teacher who is the motivational role model for me. She is a patient of Chronic Kidney Failure and has to undergo dialysis (blood changed by a machine) twice a week. Still she dedicated her life, her energies to serve the word of Allah.
 She restore my connection to the Quran which is the Ultimate remedy for the hearts.

            “By the remembrance of Allah, the hearts are assured”    Surah AR Raad 28

Taking her Quran classes strengthen my faith on Allah (swt) that whatever He Chooses for us is His way to bring closer to Him. I have developed an attitude for gratitude and keep myself on the high note by the following motivational boosters.

          “On Him I relied and He is the lord of the great Throne” Surah Tawbah 129

1. Waking Up Early:

Early rising habit has great bounties & found to boost the productivity multiple times.
According to the Prophet(swt)

“Allah has made early hours blessed for my Ummah” (Ahmed)

There is a lot of Baraka( a form of blessings) which allows many small tasks to be done with little effort and time.

2. Reciting the Quran:

Daily recitation of the Quran gives me the sense of relief as I endeavor to listen what Allah (swt) has to say. This flourishes my spiritual being.

3. Two Rakah Salah:

Offering the two Rakah Salah for the affiat with special insistence and dua that whatever I will do will to please Allah (swt)

“Seek help through Sabr and Salat” (Quran 2:45)

4. Daily Goals List:

Jotting down the daily goals and be sure of my priorities of the day allows me to execute them point by point. Accomplishing daily tasks promotes extra ordinary levels of confidence and worth upon myself.

5. Optimistic surroundings:

I try to be among the people who have the positive approach of life. If I am unable to find them, I prefer Children over the other kind. Children are the most innocent, passion filled people on Earth. With their unending flow of energy, they also charged you to the full.
By doing these Daily small Acts of greatness, I feel that I have been transformed to a much better person having no regrets what has happened to me.

   “Mankind has never achieved success but thru suffering”

Dear readers I have just shared these tips with you so that any of you if ever have been through these circumstances don’t feel alone. These adversities and setbacks are His way to bring closer to Him. Leave them to Allah and truly He is the best of planners.

                  Hurdles are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

Friday, 4 December 2015

10 Things for Moms if your kid has fever

Do you remember when a month passed and your kid has remain fever free? How often you visited the doctor in a month ?

As the weather transition is taking place, cold and flu season is upon us to test our kids immunity. As a mother when my kid is knock down with fever I often used to call my mother in the first instance (before calling a doctor) for her time tested advice. Her instant reply:
"What! Again she has fever?"
As she must be tired of listening to my similar questions, but amazingly she gives me some superb relevant tips which prevent the situation from getting worse along with lot of duas (supplications).

There are some of the few tips which I want to share with you:

1. Hydration 

High fever usually sucks the child's body fluids leading to dehydration.First of all increase the fluid intake, there are a lot of choices available other than simple plain water. It could be in the form of soups, green tea, juices etc. They all replenish the water loss and also soothens the mucos lining of the throat providing comfort to the kid.

2. Keep Close 

This is the one and the only point which my mother used to emphasize every time. As the kid is quite irritable at that moment and usually asks for things which he\ she never ever given an eye for, the need of the time is to remain calm and shower him with more hugs, and encouraging kisses as it works wonders in the path of healing. Reassure you kid time and again.Massaging the sclap and combing her hair with your fingers are also relieving.

3. Read

As no kid want to lay straight on the bed, make it fun by reading one of the favorite book he\ she always want to listen. In my case I often pick up the book with some interesting and funny facts and enjoyed to read it aloud with her.

4. Sleep 

Rest is essential as it prompts the process the healing,as the kid has lost his appetite and sleep as well. We should assist to make the nap time as comfortable as possible. Don't forget to let the fresh air in(not cold) to ventilate the room.

5. Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual ways of healing are very effective and tested in various ailments. Whether its a Sadqa (chaity) or Dum ( recitation of words followed by blowing on the afflicted individual) of  Al Fatiha or any dua from the heart.. Develop a connection to the Almighty and you will be astonished to see the results.

6. Nebulize / Steam:

If the child has fever due to nasal blockage\ congestion as it is common in this season, nebulizing with the simple plain water (normal saline to be accurate) works wonders in reliving the symptoms if done consistently. But the real problem is to make the kid sit and have the mask on for at least 10 minutes which is also a test for parents.

7. Dress Up:

Dressing in layers are quite effective in managing the temperature tantrums. Make the kid feel good by attiring in a simple, breathable, light weight clothes as it boost the sense of well being.

8. Soft Bland Diet:

Avoid greasy and spicy food as it will irritate the throat causing the bout of cough eventually leading to vomiting. Soft bland diet like plain curry, pudding, suji kheer(milk dessert), oats are easy to be gulped without much effort.

9. Medicine

Seek the support of the doctor anytime when you have concerns and follow the advice strictly as the fever in children is no fun.Once the cause is treated, the temperature itself returns to normal.

10. Sponging

A lukewarm bath or wash cloth may temporary cool the child but avoid the chilled water sponging as it may cause shivering ultimately raising the temperature.

Newborns and infants should be taken special care. They should be evaluated by the pediatrician as soon as possible.

Reassure your kid often as mother's lap is the safest place on earth.