Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Mommy's Dream: An Unforgettable Journey

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

There was fun & excitement in the air. Everybody was gay and happy as we were going to experience our first ever journey of the train with our very dear kids. We & kids have made lot of plans for the journey as we want to enjoy every bit of this, like Playing board games and catching Views of the amazing world outside the window.

It was like a dream come true, actually our beloved aunt who lives in a distant city, has been inviting us for long to her place but due to the busy schedules we are unable to join.So after we all decided to catch the train early in the morning.

The day before the departure was a very busy day. I and hubby were busy packing up our things to avoid last minute baste. I, additionally have to kept the kids accessories, trying to put them in every nook & corner of the luggage.As we cant afford to carry  heavy  bags because our kids are quite enough to be looked after rather than carrying of the luggage. After a hefty day collecting, packing and keeping things in the bag we are about to lie down on our bed at night.
Then what happened  which we dreaded the most
 'Oh My God' the little one got up. Now another night with full of happenings awaits us. As soon we put her to sleep she gets up after a while. After any one of us leave our bed to comfort her. this stand up lie down cycle continue the whole night. We can see our dream of wonderful journey going down the drain. We turned off the alarm and wake up other kids to get for the station, this is another courageous story to be told later.
Baby's Day Out

After collecting our energies, we rush to the station half drowsy half awake. Thanks God, we board on the right train and instantly fell on sleep after getting the seats. We remain in the sweet dreams the whole journey only to be woken up by the neighboring passenger on the train when the destination arrived.