Monday, 19 October 2015

Smile Again for yourself.

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

As the saying goes
Smile is the language which the deaf can hear and blind can feel
As the World Smile Day has just passed,what could be the better idea to indulge ourselves into a Video which definitely make you smole Oh sorry Smile.

Smile is the best way to beat the stress, especially when a child smiles it seems that his smile is echoed in the whole universe and the whole world is repeating to do the same.Whenever I feel stressful I start giggling with my little one as it will immediately drain out all the burden from my soul and makes me feeling light and full of energy.

Try this and this will surely help you out.

Option 1: View Blogger Video

Option 2: View Daily Motion Video

Smile by myda-tahir

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy :)