Monday, 15 February 2016

10 Hilarious Happenings in the Life of a Working Mum

Is tomorrow holiday?

This is the first reaction of none other than a working mum on hearing an unexpected, non gazetted holiday. Working Offs are the blessings for the mums who are on their heels all week round whether they used to work from home or supporting the family by some 9 to 5 job. In both cases the major load of work share falls on the weak shoulders of a mum.

Here are some funny peeps from the the life of a working mum.

Forgetful Mama:
Mornings are the most energy testing time for the family when everyone is running to get ready to reach their workplace on time. Mums who drive to their workplace themselves, often forget to put the mobile(or some other important thing.....) in their bag and reaching the midway they got to remember that  Oh ! My mobile was on the table. Now they rush back to the home, tic tacking with high heels, nearly falling to grasp the phone with an extended hand and than again racing to the car to get back to work.

Taking Selfies:
Yeah! you enjoy having selfies not only alone but with your children around, on your shoulder, pulling your cloths. Kids get tired of saying "cheese" for capturing the perfect moment but you go on. then you share the most random pic within your social circle and add a feather to your family pic scene. Don't care if it appears upside down.

Weight Watching:
Mums especially those working in corporate environment are obsessed with their looks and weight but on every holiday,believe me, every day off, they plan to dine out with the family forgetting the sweaty run on the tread mill last week. Go on Mama.

Kids Attack:
As soon a mum stepped into the home, before getting hugs and kisses, her bag is attacked by the kids vigorously searched  for any type of goodies, leftover sweets. Don't forget to buy a handful of smarties on the way home to catch the unexpected grin of your sweetie pie.

Sleep Dilemma:
Every mum must have experienced this that as soon as they are about to fall in deep sleep, the baby starts crying in high pitch voice giving you goose bumps. Now the next morning you woke up with the heavy eyes, half closed, rush to the kitchen for the mistake of  bathroom and suddenly realized this before its too late.

My Bag , My Treasure:
Most working mums like me never allow anybody to sneak peep into my hand bag as it is full of baby accessories like Bibs, Diapers, ready made Food etc. Most of the time it is turned into a heavy balloon and needs a man's space to sit, gaining people's stares.

Missing the Right Pair:
Whenever you see a woman with wrong pair of shoes or socks, don't laugh. It is reliable proof of being a working mum. You should rather run to greet her and acknowledge her effort.

Eating Disorder:
Whenever a mom gets the golden opportunity to sit down peacefully for the lunch, the kid screams to have to go for the potty. There you go, getting up half way from the lunch as you have to accompany your sweetie pie to the toilet and wait for another 10 minutes while the food on the table simply gets cold.

Day out:
Till late night, you planned to have a great weekend spending time with your kids visiting the local park which had a grand opening just a month ago, when you informed this to your kids, they get excited too and eagerly waiting for that day.But as soon as the day arrived, the weather go bad ruining all your plans. You just end up staring from the window with the kids around.

Editor at Home:
If you are a WAHM(working at home mom) you get this rare moment to catch a glimpse of your blog post, a kid appears from nowhere (read under the bed) on start clicking the keyboard with all fingers and you get this s;';.,,apsdm...mmmmmmmmm.';;0998766&^^%$%
Don't dare to stop him otherwise you are responsible for the consequences.

Do set goals, make plans. Work hard to make your dreams come true, but don't be stubborn, have a loose grip on them.
 Trust that life will carry you to your true path, cherish those little moments of joy as these golden moments of seeing your kids grow will soon become your cherished memories.