Monday, 25 April 2016

Cancer! You Need To Know (INFOGRAPH)

Why most of us are afraid of cancer?
Isn't it like any other disease?
Why chills run down our spine when we heard someone suffering from cancer?

Well , probably , because many of us have lost our near and dear one's whilst struggling bravely or surrendering quietly against cancer. Cancer has become the source of instant terror.

1. Cancer has a resemblance with the CRAB.

Cancer, a greek word for crab, resembles a lot with the crabby way of life. As everybody of us is familiar with the way the crab drag itself forward. First, it put one tentacle forward then pull the other forward making a calculated progression. Likewise, cancer is hosted by one part of the body, slowly and gradually spreading its pincers to other vital organs thus getting control of the whole body.

2. "I can, We can".

Every year 4th February is dedicated to the cancer patients and its survivors, "I can, We can", the theme, dedicate this day how we can work alone and together to curb the fear associated with cancer. Educating the public by raising awareness and spreading the right information helps in nullifying the stigma surrounding it.

Although Cancer is always considered fatal, yet 28 million cancer survivors are bringing hope and light to the scenario. Most of the deaths can be averted by simply pushing ourselves on the roads of healthy habits. Scientists at the World Cancer Research Fund believe that just 25 minutes of moderate exercise can reduce the risk of a significant number of cancers.

The recent debate is about to cure Cancer by simply alkalizing the body by eating more Fruits and Vegetables, opting for the calcium-rich diet rather than go for the agonizing Chemotherapy supporting the multi-millionaire Pharmaceutical companies.

3. Cancer! You Need To Know.

Following are the some common facts and figures that help you better aware and understand the Cancer ........