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Book Review: How to Guide Children's Behaviour.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

I have given this utmost opportunity by Miss Jameela Ho, M.Ed, to review her latest set of Parenting books.

                             " How to Guide Children's Behaviour"

                                                        Author:  Jameela Ho

Parenting Set by Jameela Ho.

Islam being the holistic religion encompassing every nook and corner of Life, long before the Birth of the baby to the Life hereafter. Caring and upbringing children in the proper way is an arduous task. The responsibility increases many folds if someone wishes to raise them on true Islamic Guidelines.
This parenting endeavour by Miss Jameela Ho, as a set of three Parenting Books came as a relieve for the parents all over the muslim world.

According to the Hadith,

"Each of you is a Shepherd and Each of you is responsible for his flock." (Sahih Bukhari)

A Hadith on Responsibility

The Author has come up with the this perfect guide to share the responsibility of Muslim Parents as in today's fast paced world raising a Muslim Baby is full of Challenges and Trials. She has chosen Simple words with short sentences to promote the Positivity and Good Morals.

                                                                  The Main Book

The Main Book

In her first Book, she has incorporated various modern day techniques to help the Parents raising the confident and practicing Muslims. She has beautifully amalgamated the Parenting messages from Quran And Hadith with the examples from Day to day life.

She tried to capture the parents attention by actually picturing the whole scenario with the experiences she had been thru her teaching carrier.
She has elaborated 19 working strategies to allow the parents to guide their children towards the positive behaviour and away from the negativity mentioning the corporal punishment as the last resort.
She doesnot support violence against children, to avoid this she advise to practice these strategies in a step by step manner and simply stop when the issue settles.

Being a positive parent our children can be moulded into  a compassionate yet disciplined individuals with no regrets.

                                                                 The Workbook

The workbook is in sequence with the the first book to help the Parents understand in a practical way what they have learned in the guidebook. They are encouraged to practice 22 exercises to help them execute these methods in daily life.
The beauty of this workbook is that it is exemplified by fill in the blanks type of sentences to ease the parents at various situations in their parenting journey.
for e.g
In the section of Consequences:Removal of privilege,
the sentence given is

"If you continue to ---------(behaviour) then you can't --------------(privilege) anymore.

Believe me, this makes Parenting such a fun that you enjoy Hugs and Kisses every now and then.

                                                                            The Journal

Now there comes the Journal which is to track and share your Parenting ups and downs.
A heart warming quote from the Quran, Hadith etc greets you in the beginning of each chapter. If the ample space provided filled in a proper way, this journal helps you deepen your commitment with the better Parenting and promotes positive energy bringing out a wiser and happy Parent cum friend.

Although the books don't have many pics, but the Journal is laced with various beautiful background pictures related to the topic which brings life to your thoughts and experiences. I Really love them

In the essence, these 3 books has awesome ideas for Parents in dealing with their children in a more positive, disciplined yet Islamic manner, encouraging good morals and behaviour.

I, will surely recommend this to all the mums as they are raising the future generations as well as the teachers who can also use them as a resource.

So what are you waiting for?

You can purchase this book at Muslim mommy or ilmaeducation available both in the hard copy and e-book.

Oh Allah! bestow on us from our wives and our offspring the comfort of our eyes and makes us the leaders of the pious

A Beautiful Dua.

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