Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Power Mid Day Nap(Qailulah) Boosts Your productivity

Recently I came across the Sunnah of Qailulah (Mid-Day Nap) and its benefits on the human body.

Since childhood, I have witnessed many around me doing it on a regular basis. An aunt of mine is very obsessive with Qailulah that she want every other person including kids to lie down with her and nobody is even allowed to tap the door at that period but my mindset is at 90 Degree away from her. I always considered Qailulah as a waste of time (God Forbid) and I was under the impression that I can complete a number of chores in that period.

1.QAILULAH With the Islamic Perspective.

Now, have been learned that Qailulah is encouraged in Islam & & our beloved Prophet(SWT) and his companions practiced it regularly for rejuvenation of energy, memory enhancement and relaxation of mind, I, deliberately give it a chance to be part of my daily schedule, snoozing for more than an hour.

I usually get up in the late afternoon thinking that my mind will be more alert and vigilant followed by the brilliant day ahead as they are all the known benefits of the siesta/Qailulah. But to my surprise, a cloud of fizziness hover my mind and I felt more tired than before the shut-eye episode. Infect it has messed up with my night sleep pattern and overall affected my productivity.

I was awestruck and puzzled there must be something cheesy with my shut eye episode as the hadith of the Prophet can't be wrong.

Now as you know, confusion leads to queries and investigation, I began to enquire about the Qailulah bounties and its effects. As far as I begin to know, the butterflies from my mind begin to fly.

Generally, a third of our life is spent on sleeping \ snoozing unless suffering from the sleep disorder. Sleep and its architecture are just recently pondered over by the Neuroscientists but it has remained an important topic in the Islamic literature, even the sleep manners are dealt in detail (which needs another post). Sleep is considered as one of the greatest signs of Allah (SWT) to ponder over.

2. Nap Lounges:

Midday napping (Qailulah) is also a cross-cultural practice. A Chinese company has recently implemented to have a mid-day half hour sleep necessary for its employees because it leads to surprisingly increase the productivity causing the day to divide into two productive halves.
Recently Nap lounges have been set up in the corporate hub of Hong Kong for 15 min to an hr long duration. Sleep has the beneficial effects on the person of all ages. Recent studies conducted in University Burkley, Harvard and the University of Athens states that a midday nap boosts brain power, benefit mental health and decrease the risk of Heart disease and helps in increase the intelligence.                

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