Monday, 9 November 2015

Listening ! An Art for Better Relationship

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning:

Last Friday, was a busy day for me. My normal household work was doubled as my maid is again on the rest, heightening my temperature. But, thanks to Almighty, things start looking better in the evening as I realized that it’s the first Friday of a month and which is marked by a family dinner at a restaurant.

But my happiness seems to be short lived, as that evening my hubby called and shared that it was also his busy day at the office and he still needs to finish some stuff. Oh No! It means that we need to postpone our family dinner. It makes me more upset as I juggled to catch the last remains to prepare dinner in a a very short time span.

After a while, I got much surprised when my hubby appeared earlier than usual. He also looked a bit confused.....and said
“Why kids and you are not ready for the dinner?
“Dear! You said on the phone that you need to finish some office work? Didn’t you? "came my prompt reply.. "so I assume you will be late from office ?”
Ahhhh! with a sigh … he said  "Oh dear! I should have texted you as well, that we need to go early for the dinner and will finish my stuff from home later".
This reply gives me with a 1000 volt bolt and left me in a state of shock.

There was a misunderstanding between us which causes this incident and reminds me a funny video which I want to share with you:

Option 1: View Daily Motion Video

Are_You_Listening by myda-tahir

Option 2: View You Tube Video

Apart from fun, better communication helps individual to improve Personal and Professional credibility. Following are some tips which we can practice in our daily life:

1. Listening:

As Stephen Covey said:

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand. Most people listen with the intent to reply."

The problem with most of us that we are not active listeners rather we try to quickly conclude it to our own thoughts leaving a big gap in our understanding and starting a chain of misunderstandings and misleading.

Ask yourself if you're truly listening to others. Sometimes, listening means staying quiet to give others a chance to talk, soaking it in, then perhaps responding if your response is needed.
A good communicator listens spectacularly well.

2. Feedback:

Never miss the opportunity to ask "Is that you are trying to convey?" or before adding another response take the time to repeat what you heard. This clarifies any doubts or queries important before moving to another point and built the trust upon you. 

3. Anger Management:

In a conversation when the response is asked we need to be responsive rather than reactive.

Anger is the most negative of all emotions. Learning to become nonreactive is a continual change. With some training and devotion, we can change our attitude.
I want to end my article with a Robin Sharma Being good quote:

At communication is like a Tennis, the more you practice, the more you get over it.