Sunday, 15 November 2015

10 Healthy Winter Snacks

Wow! The Winter is just about to open its wonders now.

Winter hit our lives with various delicious delicacies. Mouthwatering sweet treats like Carrot Halwa, Dry fruits Panjeeri( Suji Mix ), Chanay ki Dall ka Halwa(Gram lentil Fudge) are in demand.They tickle and test the taste buds of every weight watcher.

Delicious Halwas

Are they healthy enough to be indulged? Or they are just packing us with some extra pounds and bulging fat pockets which are than to be worked upon when the Sun shines bright and the Clouds part. Isn’t it? This is what happens with most of us when we mindlessly immerse ourselves in various high sugar and high fat treats of winter.

I know, winter is the motivational killer. Our desire to remain healthy drops with the temperature outside. Nobody wants to leave the coziness of the warm blanket just to go for peeling some pomegranate or to show of some creativity with the veggies when a large variety of snacks are available on the bed side to munch on. Not only the unhealthy food choices are easy but they also tantalize our taste buds and make us asking for more due to their high sugar & salt content, finally leading to difficulty in putting on the old clothes.

Facts about Snacks:

Snacking is often a misunderstood term. Most of us experience pangs of guilt on hearing this word and reminds us of the shops with various frying items are prepared amidst of all unhealthy and untidy surroundings.But is not true at all. Here are some snacking Do’s & Don’ts.

Snacking Do’s

Snacking Don’ts

  1. Many experts suggest to have many smaller meals as snacks to get better control of weight .
  2. Limit yourself to a single serving.
  3. The key to have healthy snack is to plan ahead.
  4. Keep the fiber loaded food in sight. This will help to prevent binge on unhealthy food.
  5. Be consistent. Don’t get bored .Stick to it.

  1. Mind it, Snack doesn’t serve to replace the meal.
  2. Snacking is not Grazing i.e mindless eating
  3. Avoid processed food, artificial color, flavors, highly refined foods.
  4. Avoid Simple carbs like breads, pastries, as they can rapidly converted into Glucose causing a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Winter Healthy Options:

Now comes the favorite part, What are the healthy Winter choices available that will makes waves in the heart ? & also not adding a coat of extra fatty layer, keeping you Skinny and Shining.

#health in a tray

1. Warm Milk and Honey:
Nothing can be more healthy and nutritious than the warm glass of Milk with honey and sprinkled cinnamon in a cold chilly morning. You can feel the warmth pouring inside you with every sip of it. Go and cherish the best moments of life this Winter.

2. Soups:
Soups of different varieties are one of the wonderful options in cold season.
They are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by the whole family. It also protects you from the respiratory ailments associated with the chilly season.

3. Boiled Eggs
For the egg eating chaps, just boiling an egg for the snack is a rapid treat which not only provide extra protein but also curb the hunger pangs for a while.

4. Chickpeas:
Roasted and Baked Chick peas with the right spices(salt chilli, cumin) are the perfect alternative to the crispy chips and crackers.

5. Vegetables And Fruits:
Nothing can make us negate the health benefits of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. They are loaded with Essential nutrients like Minerals , Vitamins, Anti- oxidants, Fiber, Right kind of sugars. Nature has provided us with a lot of variety to choose from. A fresh colorful bowl of diced Apples, boiled carrot Sticks, Celery, turnips, kiwis can be more appealing than anything else. You can have a lot of fun by just adding a little creativity to it and enjoy.

Delicious Dry Fruits

6. Dry Fruits:
Dry fruits are the true feast of winter. They provide us with the right mount of fuel needed as they are loaded with Good Fats. They are opted as a great Snack for their property to provide warmth to the body.

7. Corns:
Just air pop your corns or toss with the tea spoon of sesame oil and a pinch of salt. They are good for the midafternoon crash to the refrigerator.

8. Oat Meal:
Steaming and nutritious bowl of Oatmeal sprinkled with Chocolate Chips are the quick, perfect snack for any time of the day. You can read more about it Give your Breakfast a Boost!

9. Seeds:
Roasted Pumpkin & Sesame seeds are the renowned snacks in freezing temperatures. Sesame seeds are known to possess anticancer properties whereas Pumpkin seeds are best to knockout the mood swings associated with chilled winter.

Super Food
10. Beans:
Beans are truly the wonder food. They are not only the Meat Substitute but also known to provide protection against various chronic ailments like Diabetes, Heart diseases.

Snacking is actually immersing into the fresh colorful  food which will not only boost your overall health but also contribute to keep all the vital organs fully functional. Snacking  is actually the missing touch that will facilitate us achieving ours weight loss goals.

Stay Healthy & Stay aware.