Thursday, 7 January 2016


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What? Mind maps

Oh my God, Is there another wacky term in the Tech World?
Absolutely not!
This is not something to make u crazy in this Social Media (rat) race, neither it is related to Mind Sciences.
So boiling it down simply, it is the awesome combination of Ideas and Circles.
According to the Mind Map guru, Tony Buzan
“It is a thinking tool that reflects what goes on the brain”
But the Wikipedia says
“A mind map is a Diagram used to represent Words, Ideas, Tasks or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word and idea”

In this era of visually oriented social media, like Pinterest, Instagram and Flicker, the mind map is much more relevant than the old fashioned linear way of writing.


Let’s Mind map about it.

To enhance your creativity, practice the Mind maps by adding colors, pics, images, it will embrace both the left logical and the right creative hemis of your brain. How it helps in creating the blog post? Lets read

For Blog post:

As it is a great tool for scattered thinking, writing down all your random thoughts on the mind map clears your mind, helping you stress out, making you more productive. It is the way to ignite your mind around the dedicated topic, catching all your flying thoughts and transferring in a proper channel. 

What all you have to do is draw a circle, jot down the topic in it. Now start making link roads from the circle. Don’t think, don’t stop, just let your hand flow as the spokes around the circle. You will be amazed how the branches related to the main topic coming out of it. After the while you have the whole tree ready for you. Once you feel completed the task. Take a pillow and rest for a while and grab a glass of water. On the next look you have all the basic ingredients ready for your blog post.

Now After Writing the Blog post:

You have written the perfect blog post but to engage your readers and make them more interactive, now visually support it by making a mind map. This Mind map is different from the one you created before writing the post as it is more refined and focus more on readers demand. As we know visuals are the good reason for social sharing, you can share it at various social scenes.


When you have decided to include a mind map into your post, there are some points you should consider.  

1. X Mind and Mind Maple are well designed, easy to use, free programs that you can use to get started.
2. If you want to get the colorful mind map, use Nova Mind, it has multiple colors. Colors can also be added manually using programs formatting options
3. Try to make mind map more vertically compact, this will help your readers view the first para and the Mind Map appear the first full screen
4. Don’t forget to label your Mind Map with name email address
5. Don’t make your Mind map too heavy dumping all the minute details, only pin down the important one.


Now after you have done all the right things, but have no idea where to post it for publishing every time you have it. Every day some new sites popping up and asking for submitting the blog. What you can do the best is simply create the Mind map with all the social networks and all the important sites. Once you have made this you are at peace every time you are done with the blog post.

So now you got it, a mind map is as simple as a pie, a Kindergarten Kid can also draw it by just making the circle and lines. It provides the fuel to kick start the firing of neurons. It guides you to the way where you are unable to find your way.

Now go on and discover the unexpected connection.