Friday, 25 December 2015

Side effect of the marriage..... A funny experience.

 Aww! It was such an incident which keeps amusing me till now.

Actually it was the visit of my beloved friend who happened to be in my town for the honeymoon sort of thing plus visiting the kin.

Now you must be wondering what is funny about it?. Actually they are labeled as the most stunning couple of the year so everyone including yours truly is also impressed by their looks and almost dying to host them. After pressing too much they nearly agreed to show up the next day, but to our disappointment, they were unable to make but promised for the next Friday. As they were in the A list, we obliged despite my hubby’s business engagement that day.

 As I happened to be the only one to look after the arrangements from the Groceries to the Cooking, the Dining table arrangements to the Washrooms cleaning, my Adrenaline starts rising. It was a very busy week bringing everything to the perfection but every time a new problem pops up and reminding me of my human.

At last the grand finale (the day of the feast) arrived and nothing was short of perfection as I had put my heart and soul into it.

The guests when arrived as usual in full bloom. The smartness and the attire of the couple was killing. Soon the wife accompanied me to the lounge and began pouring her travel adventures but I was unable to track what she is muttering as I was mesmerized by her gorgeous looks, making me visit down the memory lane regarding my looks in the initial years of marriage. I only came back when her husband called her to leave.

Oh my god! How can I forgot the dinner?

Now I hurry up to arrange the whole lot of dishes which I prepared out of sheer love. But not to my amazement, they just took a bit of everything which is the truly the secret of their Smartness and Sleekness. After a brief chit chat they insisted to leave without meeting my hubby.

Late night when my hubby showed up, I immediately opened the Pandora box of the whole meet up insisting on the couples impressive looks making him realize that he missed a great deal.

The days gone by and I become engaged with the kids and all changing into a distant memory.
A couple of days back when I happened to visit the local arena, a women in a well fitted gown give me a tight hug leaving me in an awe who she was? When she disclosed her identity I was about to faint. She was the same young lady whom I invited for the dinner a year ago as a newlywed. She has not only changed but to my astonishment has completely turned into an aunti sort of thing... I felt ashamed that I was unable to recognize her but gladly she doesn’t mind.

My husband was constantly laughing during the whole journey back home as he was also mocked by my picture of that couple and the reality. I keep insisting him that she was totally different a year before but he was not believing me. Truly speaking, I must be in the same lane if I haven’t met the couple a year ago.

This is the most common side effect of the marriage. As soon as the Honeymoon period is over, all those smart attires have been locked in the wardrobe replaced by the baggy loose comfy dresses hiding the excessive fat pockets. Why women so negligent of themselves needs another post......

This funny experience makes me quote that a lady finger transformed into a potato with only a contract called Marriage.
Can anyone of you relate the same?

Side effect of the marriage