Saturday, 16 May 2015

How Do I Get Motivated?

Asalamoalikum /Good Morning

We are addicted to our Thoughts,we can't change anything if we can't change our thinking
Change in life

After a long pause from work, now it time to get into scene, but how to overcome the fears of negative beliefs The answer comes from within.
 Need a change
Yes I got the answer A change in the daily routine.As we all know, the change is the most difficult part of Life.
Now there comes a battery of questions how to get motivated for a change?
A change is the most permanent thing in Life,it is the  force which keeps you moving like you want to change your home(a common thing) for which you need to have a higher salary job for which you might switch your job so you have move ahead.
Now how you cope with the change?
Below are some tips to consider:

Accept the Responsibility.

Make a mind that whatever will be the  consequences I will be responsible.Be confident. Be the one to get most of your life.

Redefine your Thinking.

Stop thinking about the negativity of the change. Redirect your thinking and beliefs that this change will definitely boost my life and illuminate my life 


Yes I need to have a change is the must statement to begin with If one gets excited reading a positive story and decided to change but without deep down willingness one is unable to stand on that road for long.
Never give up

Be Slow and Steady

Don't have high expectation in the beginning Change will  have a positive impact on the long run. It is not magical wand which will change the scene in an instant. Always remember the golden rule 

"Slow and Steady wins the race"
so, all in all, a positive rather optimistic approach with the courage to hold the responsibility and willingness in the long run will definitely help the one to be on the success road.