Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Tips to avoid Malaria in Pregnancy

Asalamoalikum /Good Morning.

Malaria is a serious but completely preventable disease caused by a parasite that infects a particular mosquito which feeds on human blood. It can be sometimes fatal if not treated promptly and wisely.

Infants, children and Pregnant women are mostly at risk because of their decreased immunity.
Now the question is how to prevent malaria? as it poses severe health risk to the pregnant woman more over  if she is expecting her first child. Currently no vaccine is available but various easy going measures can be taken to avoid the danger of malaria.
If a pregnant woman in taking an unavoidable trip to any exotic destination which is endemic for malaria, take the following steps:

  1. Arm yourself with the knowledge about the area you are travelling like marshy places, breeding season, open localities etc, so one should avoid going there.
  2. Protective measures:  Keep all the doors and windows  closed and properly netted.It should be insecticide-treated and without holes..
  3. Keep the Air conditioning on as it as mosquitoes can't withstand the cool breeze.
  4. Clothing: Try to wear loose long sleeved, all covered clothing while going outdoor.
  5. Mosquito Repellent: Any exposed area should be applied with Sunscreen first than the mosquito repelling lotion.
  6. Stay indoor: especially at dawn and dusk..
  7. Awareness: Be aware of any fever like symptoms, sweating, chills.Don't panic.Visit the nearby physician. The type of malaria medication differ according to the area of travel.

The main outcome of malaria in pregnant woman is Maternal Anaemia which can itself leads to several complications like Low Birth Weight Babies .
Remember that Prevention is better than Cure. However, if any mommy is a resident of the malaria endemic area, nothing to worry about, full therapeutic Course of antimalarial medicine is given at routine medical visits known as Intermittent Preventive Treatment which is quite successful.
However, the need of the day is to raise Awareness and Education among the population who are the main victim of this insect-borne disease as this is completely preventable  by cleaning our surroundings and by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Healthy and Stay Aware