Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Beware of Dogs: 5 Preventive Tips of Rabies everybody should know

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Rabies, a viral disease caused by the bite or scratch of a Rabid animal, is 100% preventable.It is similar to Death sentence if untreated. Majority of the Rabies deaths occur in our part of the world.
It is also known as Hydrophobia because the patient develops an intense fear of water.
What prompts me to share some information about Rabies is a heart touching  real life incident of a small village kid who is an unaware victim of this.

Salim(name changed) is an apple's of his parent's eye as he is the first male child in the family. His giggles and laughs were well known in the whole neighborhood One day he got bitten by some stray mad dog,being so terrified he is unable to tell his parents about the accident and develops flu like symptoms which nobody bothers to notice. Until the furious symptoms develop, it was too late to be shifted to any nearby hospital and died due to share negligence.
Rabid Bat
As more common in the village area, it is also referred as the Neglected disease of the poor population where Vaccine and Antibody are not readily available.
It is caused by the attack of a foaming mad dog (most common in the local scene) usually attacking the kids of 5 to 15 years of age.
Following are the ways to prevent the fatal yet avoidable disease.

  1. Avoid contact with the animals you don't know.
  2. Pre exposure vaccination should be done of all the high risk individuals including Laboratory workers, Zoo keepers, Travelers who spend time in the Rural areas, Vets and others who work closely with pets.
  3. Call or visit the near by health care center as soon as any serious bite from the animal.
  4. Wash the wound immediately with Soap and Water thoroughly after the contact.
  5. Vaccinate the domestic animals.

Although research is going on to cure the the Late Stages of Rabies, no definite treatment is available once the furious symptoms develops.
Please feel free to share any update on the disease.
Stay aware and Stay Healthy.