Sunday, 13 September 2015

10 Tips to boost your Daily Routine

10 Best Tips to boost your Daily Routine.

Habits are the ways which we repeatedly do. It is a common saying that
“ First we make our habits than our habits made us”

They have profound effect on our life and relationships. Following are the some easy going tips which truly give a pop up and refreshing effect to our stagnant life and also help us to be a better person and a good Muslim.

1. Sleep
Seep is the integral part of our routine. Studies recommend to have a 6-7 hours sleep. An uninterrupted good night sleep boosts up energy levels and mood. Make a habit of giving a signal to your brain at maghrib (sunset) that you are going to sleep at 10 pm or 11 pm. Put of all the gadgets and devices half an hour before your sleep time.

2. Recite the Holy Book
We  as Muslim recite our holy book but the idea is develop a morning ritual before engaging into any other activity. Dot it daily you will notice that the whole day will be quite different and blissful from the previous one.

3. Work out / Exercise
Twice a day workout is the best thing for boost up your energy levels. Even a simple brisk walk for 30 minutes is a way to keep apart a number of diseases and your weight in control. It is also boost the self confidence and is known to cure mild to moderate depression.

4   4. Drink a lot of water

Don’t wait yourself to be thirsty to drink water. Drink before the urge and in small gulps otherwise it will quite nauseating to drink again and again.

5   5. Never skip the Breakfast
Breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day to keep the energy levels constant throughout the day but mind you I am talking about a healthy Breakfast. Oatmeal and porridge should be the not to omit part of the breakfast.

6   6. Rest of the Meal Plan
Indulge as many vegetable and fruits in your diet as you can because they not only make you full and relive your urge to eat more but also provides with the necessary nutrition’s and maintain weight, making you and your weight machine happy. Also Meat and Meat products should be limited to once a week.


7  7. Take Dinner Early
Now there comes the dinner which should be light and taken at least two hours before sleep. This will give enough time to the body to digest it preventing heart burn.

8    8. . Be Positive
Try to be a person who face any situation with
 “ AH what an opportunity !” rather than “ My ! What a Problem !”

Every situation behaves like we dealt it. Consider that every person has difficulties but who greet them cheerfully will be the winner in the end. Count your blessings every day this will be push you to next step.

9   9. Meditate
Give yourself sometime just before sleep to mediate. Close the door take deep breaths and think about the whole day, yourself, your achievements and goals.

1   10. Get back to your Goals 

Last but not least, there are situations and happenings where we all lost our daily routine but the best person is who revert back to his routine as soon as possible. Stick to it.
Wish you all good health because without this bounty we cant enjoy the blessings of our life.
Feel free to share these tips  to our friends and family and place the print out of them in a location where you can review them daily.
Stay Healthy and Stay Aware