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Natural Remedies For Blood Clots That Have No Side Effects

Blood, the fuel running our body, has been doing a marvelous job since we were born.  It is flowing smoothly throughout, transporting nutrients to the body cells, helping in sustaining life. 

Blood makes up about 8% of the body weight. The role of the blood in our life is notoriously overlooked, but when we get a cut or any other injury, it is the components in blood which form the clot preventing unnecessary loss of blood. A clot is simply an amalgamation of red blood cells and other cell components which build up at the site of injury to stop the flow. 

When this blood clots within a vessel, all of these things stop happening. In fact, this might be life threatening since the blood clots may clog the arteries and block blood supply to the vital organs like the Heart or the Brain. Natural remedies for blood clots can help.There are some natural blood thinners that may help.

Usually blood clots are healthy and have the purpose of stopping excessive bleeding. But sometimes too much clotting can be a sign of deeper and more painful health problems.

Risk Factors for Blood Clots

Excessive blood clots or blood clots forming without reason can happen due to a variety of reason. Risk factors associated with blood clots usually involve abnormalities in the blood conduction system caused by high cholesterol, smoking, obesity, blood disorder, liver disease, injury, surgery, family history, being bed ridden or bone fractures.

Symptoms and Presentation of Blood Clots

Symptoms of blood clots depend on their location, whether they are occurring in an artery or a vein, resulting in different clinical conditions.

A blood clot that is formed in an artery that supplies blood to the heart results in CVA or a Heart attack. If it causes blockage of blood to the brain, it may result in TIA or stroke.

The clinical presentation of a Venous Clot is not usually acute and may result in the feeling of warmth, swelling, redness and discoloration. In the case of Pulmonary Embolism, (when the clot formed in a distant vein causes blockage in the lung circulation) the clot can be life threatening needing emergency treatment and supervision.

These clotting abnormalities affect a great number of people each year, who spend a huge sum on the treatment strategies, both interventional and non-interventional.

By accommodating these simple natural remedies for blood clots including habits and diet changes, you can drastically reduce the risk of blood clots, and save yourself a fortune in investing in various drugs and treatments. Just commit yourself and enjoy the bounties of natural treatments for blood clots.

Keep The Clots Away Naturally (Natural Remedies For Blood Clots)

The risk of the formation of blood clots can be reduced by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle. These are the greatest weapons against the chronic ailments and lifelong medications.

For the purpose of this article, we have classified our natural remedies for blood clots as follows:

  • Blood Thinners (anticoagulants)
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Anti-lipids
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Blood Thinners (Natural Anticoagulants) 

                    Natural Remedies For Blood Clots 

There are number of natural blood thinners that will help prevent blood clots. You can red about natural blood thinners in more detail here.

1. Water consumption

Water is a very effective and underrated blood thinner. Sufficient water intake keeps your body hydrated resulting in smoother flow of blood. It also prevents the blood from clumping and the prevents the platelets from thickening, which coincidentally is the cause of clot formation.

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