Monday, 28 March 2016

Mother Earth Day 2016 : Saving Our Environment

Every year we celebrate mother Earth Day on 22nd of April, to protect our planet we are residing.
Do you know that we are very near to observe the 50th Mother Earth Day?

But the Question is why we need to observe this?

Why are we making so much effort, raising awareness, arranging walks, voting for the need of prompt action?


The simplest answer is

We are guilty.

Yes! You got it right, we are guilty of being cruel to our environment, bringing destruction to our home, to our own living place. We have interrupted the balance of the ecosystem provided by nature. With our obsession of Industrialization, we have forgotten our living partners, our Natural friends, the bounties nature has provided us.

Now, as a result, we have to admit that 2015 is the hottest year up to date, the airway diseases have risen strikingly, the frequent sore throats, the more heat stroke cases. These are all the gifts of bizarre global changes brought by us. Climatologists have warned that if no appropriate action is taken, these changes will become irreversible.

We have not only become hazardous to ourselves but has also brought danger to our animal friends. They play a significant role in maintaining the balance of life. The list of the endangered species is on the rise. The recent animal on the verge of extinction is Javan Tigers, the others include Indus Dolphins, Snow leopard, Giant Panda, Musk Deer to name a few. They got killed vicariously by choking, the lack of food and habitat, various diseases, (not to mention the excessive and unlawful hunting).

Well, some of our animal friends have taken a leap and become a warrior to heal the damage we have done to our Mother Earth. They not only provide help by maintaining a balance in the ecosystem but also extend a hand to clean the garbage.

In the following video, you can see a site filled with garbage and the cows surrounding them.  It is a part of their daily stroll, together these cows wander to find any leftovers, any organics, gulping them down bravely offering their help to decrease the trash, to start the first step of recycling by separating any organic leftovers.
But what are we giving them in return?

More trash, more dirt, less grass, less healthy food, more inappropriate living conditions.
It is high time that we should come out of the shell and take a look around to the havoc we have created yet nature is so patient that it keeps alarming us with the hottest weather, with more storms, with illnesses, continuously knocking to pay heed.
Are we listening to these calls?