Tuesday, 29 April 2014

World Immunization Week: You should have a shot soon if ?

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

World Immunization Week

Thinking of a vaccine reminds most of us a well decorated room with  lots of mobiles(wall hangings) and cartoon characters amidst which a  female nurse was bending over the kid trying to get a fine moment of time where she can just jab at the child's arm. .Now there comes a teary eyed kid with all the bad emotions for the nurse.


This is the most common envision of the Vaccination but there is the other side of the story as well that is Vaccination in adults is as important and mandatory as in children.
As the World Immunization Week is around with the theme "Are You Up to Date" makes one ponder to get the belated shot as soon as possible not only the children but Adults also. As Vaccination provides the protection against many diseases in the most Successful and Cost effective way, the launch of the Immunization App by the WHO will help its users to be up to date with the upcoming shot. Now the question arises who should be Vaccinated?
  • If you are a Kid less than Five Years of age then your parents must be taking you to the Vaccination center according to the Schedule.
  • If you work in the Health Care Profession: As Health care Professionals are exposed to  all sorts of potential infections as well as various body fluids and blood. They should be up to date with the annual Influenza , MMR, Hep B and Hep A vaccinations in particular.
  • If you are a avid traveler and planning the holidays at the Sub Saharan lands of Africa and Tropical South America, then Yellow Fever Vaccination is a must.
  • If you plan to pay Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands of Makkah, Madinah, then Saudi Arabian govt requires to have the Meningococcal vaccination especially during the hajj season.
  • IF you are suffering from certain Medical conditions like Chronic Heart Disease, Diabetes mellitus, Lung Disease or a Smoker than a Pneumococcal shot and annual Influenza shot can prevent serious seasonal, meningitis and blood infections.

    Flu Shot

  • Pregnant women should have a Tdap vaccine during the 27 to 37 week gestation to protect the baby from Whooping Cough.
  • Patients who are at risk of certain cancers like Cervical and Liver cancers should have Hep B and HPV vaccination done.
  • Hep A and Hep B shots should be administered to the illicit Injection Drug Abusers.
  • Persons who are  fond of pets and constantly in contact with them should be  up to date in regards of vaccination. 
Stay Healthy Stay Aware !!!