Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mommy's Scare: The most Frightening moment in my Life

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning 
Adorable Kid

There was great excitement in the air. Everybody seems to be in a gay and happy mood but the one who is the center of attraction seems to be little confused, little apprehensive and gloomy. Although she has quite a reputation in the entire family but obviously this was the first time she has to be all alone  entering a new phase of life. Everybody was showering their blessings and best wishes.
You must be wondering , this all is the preparation of some high profile celebration. No, No! To everybody's surprise, it is the night before my sweetie's first day at school.
As a final touch , I once again look at the bag and other accessories. The Pencil box, in particular, as this was the favorite item of her which has been brought after a long bazaar searching mission.
Finally in the morning, everybody gets up early to boost her morale as she still seems a little reluctant to attend the very first day at school.

First Day Of School

A great sense of relief was felt after dropping her at school with lots of kisses and good byes.
But this comfort does not seem to lasts longer. On returning she was not very happy. When enquired about her day at school she burst into tears. I instantly gave up to dig in the things and surprised her with her favourite food which makes her settled a bit.
But as soon as I opened the school bag, I am about to loose my mind. My, My ! There was not a single thing left undivided.
The Pencils were sharpened till the last bit, Crayons and other colors were halved into two and the books missing. It seems she must be in some fighting session rather than school.
As this all is shooting my aldosterone levels to the highest but thanks to my yoga classes which taught me how to better control yourself. I, keeping my patience level high, just asked what had happened?
She with a mischievous smile uttered in a completely impartial tone "Nothing".
This answer make me realize that I should be the one who should be frightened from the school rather than she ?
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First Day Prepration