Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Importance Of Water Captured : Best Pics

Asalamoalikum/Good Evening

22nd March is being declared as World Water Day #WorldWaterDay as water is becoming a rare commodity day by day and is being labeled as Blue Liquid Gold.

World Water Day 2014
Water is the one of the most important Blessing of Mother Nature. The need of the hour is to consume, protect and enhance the water reservoirs so that we continue using it.

Total Water in a Nutshell :

Total Water in a Nutshell

Importance Of Water:

Ask the importance of Water to a Thirsty?

 Do Not Waste water:

Common water wastage...............

Effects Of Water Wastage:

These are the Ultimate Effects of Water Scarcity.


How to Preserve Water :

Thus it is our moral responsibility consume water wisely
Next time think a thousand time before water.