Thursday, 27 February 2014

Give your Breakfast a Boost!

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning.

Among our three straight meals, breakfast  is usually  the neglected  one.

Most of us rush to the working places with just a cup of COFFEE /TEA. But it should  be the other way round.Breakfast,  therefore , should  form the most significant meal and OATS are one of the miracle food and are the great way to start the day. 

OATS are the small,  nutrient rich, high fiber, low fat, health friendly wholesome grain,making it an excellence choice for breakfast .Here are some unignorable healh benefits  of OATS. 

  1. It is heart friendly,its soluble  fiber decreases the absorption  of BAD CHOLESTEROL .
  2. As having  a shocking nutritional  profile,  gives BOOST to your IMMUNITY .
  3. Maintains BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL  by giving the feeling of fullness and satiety .
  4. An excellenct medication encouraging BOWEL MOVEMENT, relieveing CONSTIPATION.
  5. All in all, it helps in CONVALESCENCE, giving strength  to the sick.

Beside breakfast  bowl, it can be cooked in multiple  ways,added in COOKIES, BREADS,  SOUPS,  PANCAKES  or simply used as a COATING for deep frying.
To enhance its flavor,it can be served with Bananas, Nuts, drizzled with Honey and cinnamon  powder.
You definitely  devoloped a crush on these AWESOME  OATS.If you are  still not taking it,  you are missing a great deal of nutritious fiber