Wednesday, 19 February 2014

miracle food

Asalamoalikum/good evening 

Getting into the shape is the order of the day.
Being  it a student, 
A working  men or a women,
A salesman or
A housewife.
There are a lot of investment  done on the advertisements of  getting  slim  but I will tell u the secret which is cheap, abundant, and at the same time healthy
Can make a guess? 
 The very own water which  we don't took into account .
But the principle is take it in the way that it will help us get out  of the box (a fatty  layer).
  1. You  must drink a glass  when u get up .This will do catharsis  of your body.
  2. Take at least 2 glasses  of water before every meal .This  will decrease your appetite  and make u feel full
  3. Keep  aside one and a half  liter bottle for you which u have to drink  it till night
  4. Last is whenever  u feel pangs in your stomach, drink  it. 
 This not only relieves any bowel disorder like constipation  but also gives glow to your skin and overall boosts your confidence .
These are all experienced by the scribe but its all the game  of your will .
 When there is a will there is a way.
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A little tip for the housewives 
      To prevent  water from boiling  apply a layer of oil at the rim.this will be done while boiling potatoes, pasta etc.