Sunday, 16 March 2014

8 Tips to Cope with the changing Weather

Asalamolikum/Good Evening

Seasonal transition usually have bad affects on our health. Most of us can't escape to become ill and down during this period. By Eating Balanced Diet and maintaining a Healthy Life Style can knock out the health related issues associated with changing weather.
Here are few tips which will help to be in good shape and health when the weather is playing havoc.

1. Keep Hydrated : 

Several  glasses of water a day are necessary to protect our body from illnesses by flushing away toxins from the body.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Hangouts :

Avoid roaming out especially at dawn and dusk because breathing the air can exacerbate allergy symptoms. If, necessary wear a face mask which will to help you cope with the changing weather.

3. Take Adequate Sleep:

Proper sleep is a must because sleep give us a chance to rest and repair and strengthen our immune system.

4. Mind What you Take:

Avoid very cold and chilled foods and drinks, especially from the road seller vendors because of their substandard ingredients which are bad for throat.

5. Hot Deals:

Sip the warm liquids like Soup, Honey water with Cinnamon powder added, frequently which will give soothing affect to your throat.

6. Work Out :

Keep  an active life style. Daily workout help you to be in shape and challenges the doldrums of weather transition.

7. Limit sweets : 

Control your sweet tooth this season and delve yourself into the fresh fruits instead.

8. Indulge into Yellow and Green:

Eating fresh fruits rich in vitamin C like the Oranges, Lemon or just squeeze the fresh fruit juice with little spices added. This will give boost your immunity.

Unpredictable weather have worsening affect which can be harnessed by acting upon these simple tips but remember that these tips are not the alternative for MEDICAL CARE but inturns helps to recognize and respond promptly.
Wishing you all GOOD HEALTH this season.
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