Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Be aware of your Cholesterol levels:The Good and the Bad

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning
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When my hubby has been diagnosed with High blood CHOLESTEROL levels, the panic strikes the family. Everybody started pouring their valuable suggestions aka Totkay to get rid of this menace as soon as possible and the patient(my hubby) has nothing to do except nodding every aunties in affirmative. He becomes a true picture of pity and become trapped in sheer confusion.
He was not the first person in the family who has got the raised Cholesterol levels but as a matter of fact he is very dear to all. I being a Doctor became a calm witness to the whole situation.
As the leading lady of the home and a concerned wife, the ball eventually landed in my court. Apart from making some drastic life changes I intended to write some of these valuable guidelines to the ones who have been the victim of the similar situation.
Cholesterol has become quite notorious for some times and every disease is being linked to it but the point to be noted is that it is not the Cholesterol itself but its Higher than Normal blood levels is the REAL CULPRIT. 
Cholesterol itself is an essential part of our body cells but the Higher Cholesterol levels poses serious threats to health and increases the risk of Cardiovascular diseases.
Blood Cholesterol levels are directly related to the dietary fat intake.
Now the puzzling question is
What is GOOD Cholesterol? What is BAD Cholesterol?

 Actually Cholesterol is transported in the blood by various Lipoproteins. These lipoproteins are mainly of TWO types.
It is the Cholesterol removing lipoprotein, called GOOD as it helps carry LDL away from the artery wall.
It delivers Cholesterol to the body, called BAD because too much LDL can build on artery wall, clogging them.
Fruits for well being
Please don't be mistaken by the word LOW as it is the clot forming cholesterol leading to the HEART problems.
Now comes the Question of the Day?
What significant changes should be made on the Menu Card?
How to lower the raised Cholesterol level?
The important one as How to remain the Kitchen QUEEN while preparing tasty yet healthy food?
As far as MEDICATION is concerned STATINS or LIPID LOWERING AGENTS are the common prescription but the FAT LOWERING DIET and the LIFESTYLE CHANGES are as important as gulping down the PILL.

Heart healthy Plant derived fat is proved to be reducing the CHOLESTEROL levels if consumed on a regular basis.



  • Whole grain products: Pasta, Bread, Flour, Brown Rice, Oats, Barley's.
  • High Fibre Diet: Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Lentils, Cholas
  •  Omega 3 Rich Diet: Fish, Walnuts, ground flax seeds
  • Oils: Canola Oil, Sunflower, Olive, Soybean
  • Green Tea: Significantly lower bad cholesterol


  • Butter or other solid fats like Ghee.
  • Baker's item: Pastries, Cookies, Doughnuts, Fried snakes, Burgers.
  • Full Cream Dairy Products, cheese, Yogurt
  • Canned, Preserved Foods

I know it is very difficult to switch to the diet which has been taken for granted for ages but it is worthy of the situation.

Avoid Confectioneries
Eat to Live, not Live to Eat. Decreasing the overall weight has a significant lowering effect on the Cholesterol levels but the most important is to decrease the Belly fat because there is a higher risk of health problems related to increase waist size.
The Women waist size should be under 88 cm (35 inches)
The Man waist size should be under 102 cm (40 inches)
Make a note of the current eating habits and the habits to be pursued, paste them in an eye catching place,  every time a glimpse of it gives a punch of motivation.
My hubby adopts a few habits to watch his weight.
Popcorn Treat
  1. Drinking a lot of Water, 2 glasses especially before the Breakfast. This will do catharsis of the body and keep bowels running.
  2. Taking ISPHAGHOL HUSK daily at bedtime. This has also found to be very beneficial.
  3. He use to treat himself with Pop corns, Chola's (black gram) instead of Fried Potato chips, fried Papad etc.

Exercise and exercise ,there is no escape from it and no better way to keep yourself boosting with Positivity. If cant exercise daily (as in the case of my hubby) workout on at least Three days a week. Most important is to slowly start Exercise, build up to a 60 minute endurance level and keep it up.
Daily Exercises
Apart from these changes, my husband willingly quit smoking which not only helps in declining the levels but also normalises his Blood Pressure.
The Rule of the Thumb is 3P that is PATIENCE,PERSISTENCE and PERSEVERANCE. Sticking to the changes for at least about six months begin showing up the positive results.
Wishing all a HEALTHY and HAPPY CHANGE.