Wednesday, 23 April 2014

World Book Day : Easy Tips to Build Book Reading Habit

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

Every individual wants success in his personal and professional life, but to reach the destination and to achieve your dreams is not an easy task. Books are like a teachers and mentors which provide readers an opportunity to remain focused, motivated even in difficult situation and in complex problems.

On this "World Book Day" I want to share following easy tips which may help to add book reading habit in individuals daily life:

Book Collection

  1. Set some specific goal for yourself for each day/week for book reading for example: 3 pages per day, 1 chapter per week.
  2. Specify some amount from your monthly/yearly budget for buying a book.
  3. Select and purchase books of your interest. Biographies are great to help you to discover life of Great people.
  4. If you are a Parent then engage your child in book reading from the very beginning.
  5. Create book reading environment at your home either its a smaller place in your room.
    Home Library
  6. Visit "Book Exhibitions" which helps you to look at great number of different books at same location.
  7. Keep a book with you while travelling in bus/train to utilize your time for book reading.
Hoping above tips help to boost your Book Reading Habit.