Monday, 31 March 2014

Reading is Rewarding: 14 tips to develop Book Love in Kids.

Asalamolikum/Good Morning.

Children are not only a great bounty but also a great responsibility and resource provided to us and we as managers have to lead this resource to become a Good nation builder in the near future.

Kids Book
Parents are the child's first and most important Teacher. Parents should be like an intelligent Gardener who will securely tie the stem of the plant when young so that it wont get crooked eventually.
 A child who reads will be a child  who thinks.
Here are few guidelines to get the child love reading the books.
  1. Spare some Special time with your child everyday reading a Book. Always lookout for your Child interest when he/she can get involved .Be it a Naptime,Midday or best of all in the Morning after /before a Breakfast.
  2. Allow the Toddler to take books in his/her hand and scroll through the pages so that they become Familiar with them. For this, BOARD BOOKS are a better option.
  3. If the books are Brand New, bend them backwards to be READ READY. This will make it easy to turn on the pages.
  4. Choose books with colorful PICS and Drawings. Encourage the toddler to point Words and Objects.
    Colorful Children Books
  5. Make Reading an activity which is full of Fun and Learn. Ask Quizzes, Questions about the story to asses and improve the learning capacity of the kid.
  6. Read and reread the book the kid loves to listen. When he/she seems to ignore it , introduce a new book gradually, this will help the Toddler to better grasp the topic as well the moral.
  7. Keep the books within the reach of the Toddler so that he/she feel free to pick them up anytime.
  8. Gauge the kid's interest by reading on different Topics like RELIGION, CULTURE, FAMILY etc
    Kid Reading a book.
  9. When reading again, use a Dialogue style of reading by asking open ended Questions like why Cinderella use to feed the Animals?. This will capture the kid's interest till the end.
  10. Allocate a well lit space of the child's room as a READING CORNER. Make a closet with a Table, Chair and other interesting stuff there so that the kid loves to be there. Keep changing the setting so that everytime it attracts.
    Children Books Corner
  11. Also teach the Etiquettes of reading by showing them to be careful while turning pages.
  12. Reading should be a family affair. Let all the family members participate in the story telling, time to time, so that the toddler gains new experiences, memories and a build the bond between each other.
  13. Visit Book fair, Libraries often. Allow the toddler to pick the book of his/her own choice.
  14. Be an Example for your Kid because Actions worth more than Words .
    Story Book
A child brain develops at an incredible rate so don't wait your child to grow up. Begin Reading to him/her when the child is born.
Enjoy Reading With Your Child.