Thursday, 20 February 2014

Mommy's fright

Asalamoalikum/good morning

Being a mother of a three year old, life is  quite  frizzy.Running  after her to prevent the house being turned  into a warehouse keeps u on your  toes.
But the most fearful and apprehensive  moments are those when you try to wake up your child at midnight  to let her take milk!! 
The child is half sleeping, half awake, you trying to sit her into your  arms, with her eyes closed, mouth half after preparing the milk in a cup or more difficult  in a glass,put it into her lips, constantly  reminding and talking her to keep mouth open.
You are also worried that the drops of the milk will not drool from mouth corners and land into  her clothes
In the meantime you also asked her to take breaths in between,so she might not have cough and regurgitations.

Once the episode is over you took  a deep breath .Sigh. 
Now the next pinnacle  is put her back to sleep calm and quiet .
If this has been achieved  with success, 
This episode  of waking, sleeping  must be experienced by all of u.
Isn't  it!then you have the same fright as I had.
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A little cooking tip for the housewives ( whho keeps on working all 24 hours)

Sometime you need to lighten the smell of garlic,saeute it in a butter for a few minutes 
this will give it a wonderful  flavour removing its pungent smell.