Monday, 24 February 2014

Mommy's trouble:Tips about how to Feed a Toddler

Assalamolikum/Good Morning.

As most of the children are allergic  to food  especially home made nutritious recipes . My three year old is no different .To fed her is the most difficult  task of the world which has to be accomplished  day in and day out. 
As with all mom's instinct, unless  your child is well fed, one can't  be comfortable and satisfied After the dog chase cat, you finally have her sit on the dining chair,  at last.
As the feeding begins, one keep praying  deep down,  that the child might not regurgitate.As you are near finishing,  there comes a huge BAAA ...........
My God! What's this? You can see your efforts  straining  down the pipe.This  messy episode is accompanied  by the crying siren to add music to it.There begins the FINAL TEST of your PATIENCE.

What's  the answer to it? 
So here are few sincere tips to prevent  all this nasty episode .
  1. There should  be several hours gap between  meals,  allowing adequate digestion .
  2. Allow your child to play around in between  meals
  3. Give them plenty  of water and juices in the gap
  4. Always prepare homemade healthy foods, which are  free from bacteria and other germs.
  5. For snacks, give them fruits and veggies .
    1. Don't  over fed your child.Always  remember  that he/ she is also HUMAN.
    2. Don't keep your child in your lap/arms all the time this will hinders their digestion,leading  to constipation .
    3. Don't  allow your child keep munching on sweets and other JUNK FOOD.
    These are few  tips for the mothers .Hope you will find them USEFUL and PRACTICAL .
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