Thursday, 20 February 2014

lively morning

Asalamoalikum/good evening.

As getting up from the bed  yesterday,I was not feeling full of life and valour,
my eyes not opening widely, 
 getting  out of the bed being difficult, unintentionally hitting things
And all in all not in a Good mood.
My my! I got to realise these are the aftereffects of the late night party because it deprived me of my SLEEP. 
Most of us had experienced this kind of situation  where we leave for offices,hospitals  and other places with a heavy heart, closed eyes.....
Lack of sleep alter all our daily activities .

Most important it alters  blood pressure, 
Rising it to the dangerous  levels,

Altering  hormones which in turn leads to increase appetite  and obesity.

Affecting our working ability,

Leads to irritable behaviour, with colleagues, pals,siblings,kids etc 

After good diet and exercise 7 to 8 hrs sleep is a must for a healthy  lifestyle 
Those having a good  night sleep enjoy  a long happy life with a good  mental health.
Even the sleeping pills lose their efficacy with a continuous dear pals avoid late night engagements,drinks including caffeine,always shed off your worries before going to bed.
Enjoy  a good night sleep and a lively  morning.
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A little tip for the housewives .
For perfect  cake cutting  use dental floss,sounds awkward  but it works.