Tuesday, 18 February 2014

when there is a will there is a way

Asalam oalikum/good evening

Sorry for being out of touch i.e out of blogger 
Now u must b wondering abt the title
       When there is a will there a way
Actually this  is the most important  theory of our lives.whether its
  Taking a career
  Signing a new contract
  Considering a relationship 
  Opting a family and most important
            GET INTO THE SHAPE
     iii know  most of you are interested in the last one. Isn't it?
To b frank enough  I myself is very much bothered about  it.lol
Soooo to get in to the shape  is like climbing a cliff  or conquering a battle.
B/cause losing weight  and maintaining it as well is all the game of your will. 
U keep your will alive, u keep achieveing your goals.
 Good luck pals!

A little  tip for the housewives (whose duty iinclude all 24 hrs)
   To make rice fluffier you Have add a table spoon of vinegar  or lemon  in boiling water)