Sunday, 23 February 2014

Canvas on the move

Asalamoalikum/Good Night

You must be wondering what this creature is? 
Is it the part of this world or the other!?
Somebody  might be thinking of a bridal Makeover done on a vehicle  for the competition?
Isn't  it?
    But it's  simply the LOADING VEHICLE  known  as The TRUCK which can normally  be seen on any thoroughfare here. Its truly the ART ON WHEELS representing the bright and colourful taste of PAKISTAN.
As a matter of fact, it's the result of great zest and aesthetic sense of the owners / drivers who tried their best so that their vehicle stand out in style and decoration. It also costs a great  deal of money  to them.
Actually the idea evolved when the craftsmen were hired to decorate the horse ridden  carriages. Each part of the vehicle is uniquely  adorned and decorated with meticulous  details i.e

  • Wooden carvings
  • Tape embellishments 
  • Paintings
  • Embossed art
  • Mirror  work
  • Ornaments 
  • Chimes /Bells
  • Calligraphy and last
  • A quote  or a message which  reflects the owners emotions
        • as the quote translate here as
Cooking Tip for the Housewives
Cakes can be kept fresh and soft for long if sprinkled with hot milk after baking.