Saturday, 1 March 2014

Is moon still chasing?

Asalamoalikum/Good Evening 

As i went out yesterday, I  glanced at the sky where the moon is in full bloom.

Immediately it took me to visit my memory lane,when, i,  as a child, riding in a car,  was fascinated  by the scene that the moon keeps following  me wherever  I go.If my car took  a turn or vroom around,  the moon seems to be with me.
Everything,  whether, trees,  houses, lights, flying past in the opposite  direction,  moon is still chasing me.
Scientifically speaking it is an optical illusion. There are a few reasons to it.

  • Moon is a at a long distance from earth.It is so far away that it always  remain in our field of vision.The things which are at great distances remain in our field of vision. 
  • Moon is a huge heavenly body .If a man stands out there, he needs to be looked at with a highly powerful telescope but its still visible. 
Whatever be the reason, I,  myself  don't want to indulge in any.The view is quite spectacular and cherished  in my memories forever.
Its an experience  which, some, don't find interesting,  but I am,  as many of us, is still fascinated by it.

Still whenever on a car outside, I, inadvertently, look up to see if still the moon is chasing me or not.?Isn't  it with most of us? Kindly share your thoughts on this!!!