Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Kidneys at Risks : 8 Golden Rules

Asalamolikum/Good Morning.

World kidney day is celebrated on 13th March raising awareness about kidneys health every year .Kidneys are the bean shaped paired organs that play a vital role in maintaining health and cverall wellbeing   .

As per World Kidney Day the theme of this year is CHRONIC KIDNEY DISESES (CKD) and AGING.

CKD is defined as progressive  loss of renal function over the period of months or years.
 Main causes leading to permanent damage are:
  • High blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stone related Diseases
 CKD are more dangerous than acute, they are the silent killers affecting the Quality Of life.

Following are the 8 Golden rules to keep your kidneys happy and  healthy:

1. Move For Kidney Health:

Being Fit and Active  reduces the risk of CKD and improves the overall health.

2. Control Blood Sugar Level:

People with diabetes should regularly have their kidney function tests checked because sugar control is essential for kidney health.

3. Monitor and Maintain Blood Pressure:

Most of the people are unaware that Blood Pressure is the leading cause of kidney failure. The normal B.P. level is 120\80. If you are prehypertensive (B.P. level between 120\80 to 129\89), you should regularly monitor  your BP and adopt lifestyle and dietary changes.

4. Weight Check:

Eat healthy and keep your weight under control.

5. Reducing Salt Intake:

Keep an eye on salt content of your meal. It should not exceed beyond 1 Teaspoon. Avoid packaged, ready to cook food, restaurant food.

6. Adequate Fluid Intake:

Traditionally it is recommended that drinking 1.5 to 2 liters ( 3 to 4 pints) of water \ per day is significant for maintaining good health. Drinking plenty of fluids clear the body of toxins like sodium and urea.

7. Avoid Smoking:

Smoking  not only injured lungs but also our kidneys leading to decrease flow of blood, which in turns impairs kidney function. It also increases the risk of kidney cancer by 50 %.

8. Limit Over the Counter Pills Intake:

Common drugs like Ibuprofen etc. are known to cause serious threat to kidneys if taken on regular basis.
If detected early CKD can be treated, reducing the overall burden of death and disability.
Follow these basic rules and enjoy the life.