Wednesday, 5 March 2014

RALLI:The Dream Quilt

Asalamolikum/Good Evening:

Artisan women lying on the floor with their eyes fixed and hands weaving a wonderful patterns by joining the colorful pieces of cloth .This is a common scene in the remote villages of Sindh , Pakistan. This patchwork ,known as RALLI, is the CULTURAL IDENTITY of the Rural areas and reflects the colorful taste of Pakistan.

These Textile Pearls are prepared with great Physical and Mental labor , taking almost 180 hours ,by the women mostly belonging to Rural and Low Urban Areas. These women take meticulous details to every Design, Block and Patterns bringing out the perfect HAND MADE WONDER.The RALLI.
These exotic and impressive motifs are gazetted from chest to chest  of WOMEN for many generations.
Each Ralli tells the story of Creativity and Love for the color of the women who create themThe traditional colors of the Ralli are called SATRANGI i.e THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW
The masterpieces are created using only Fabric, Thread, Needle and Scissors. Mainly categorized into three designs.
  1. The Patchwork----------------Most common .Beautiful patterns developed by coordinating the random pieces of cloth.
  2. The Applique-----------------Finest of all.Small squares of Fabric are cut and sewn into Blocks.
  3. The Embroidered------------Special one. Whole cloth are embroidered with colored Threads

    The main purpose of the Quilt is to be used as a single bed cover. It can also be used as Table Runner., Sofa cover etc.Lovely .Purses, Bags, Cushions, Eating cloth are also gaining popularity.

    RALLI ,literary meaning, TO MIX, are connecting the life of the Rural women to the Cottage Industry. These virtuoso woman should be given their due share in the society by helping them to be recognized and acknowledged adequately so giving them the opportunity to flourish their craft on the international platform. This will not only leave a positive impact on the country's economy as well augment their own lifestyle, thus this wonderful hand made craft are really the FEAST TO THE EYES.