Sunday, 23 March 2014

World TB Day : 9 Common Myths About Tuberculosis

Asalamolikum/Good Morning

World TB Day
Tuberculosis is a serious but treatable disease mainly affecting the Lungs but can also affects other organs.
24th March is being observed as  the World TB Day to promote world wide awareness of the disease which in turn leads to decrease the Global Burden of disease.Every year 9 Million people have been Diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB), but 3 Million missed out the care they need and become the cause of spreading the disease.
Following are the common Myths about the disease.
  1. Tuberculosis(TB) is not an INHERITED Disease: it is not transmitted through genes i.e. parents to children but members of the same family can be infected.
  2. It doesn't spread by DIRECT PHYSICAL CONTACT  i.e. doesn't spread  by touch, handshaking, hugging. 
  3. No FOOD RESTRICTION is needed during the Treatment.
  4. It is not transmitted through BREAST MILK, mother can safely Breastfed her Child.
  5. If the patient is PREGNANT, she can also take Treatment, prescribed by a recognized Medical Practitioner.
  6. It is not transmitted by using, eating meals in patient's UTENSILS, wearing patient's dresses
  7. Tuberculosis is not caused by SMOKING but by a bacteria MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS however smokers are at a risk of getting respiratory infections.
  8. A POSITIVE SKIN TEST doesn't always indicate an ACTIVE DISEASE but only confirms the EXPOSURE of a person to a disease.
  9. It is not the disease of LOW SOCIOECONMIC STRATA but prevalent in places which are overcrowded, poorly ventilated and in people affected by malnutrition.
TB is among the Top Three causes of DEATH among women aged 15 to 44.
TB Mortality has been reduced over 40 percent Worldwide since 1990 and the incidence is declining .
 Pakistan is among the top ten countries where tuberculosis is prevalent. The need is to educate the people through media campaigns, conferences, seminars, workshops and local religious gatherings.