Monday, 3 March 2014

Secret Tips for Shopping this Weekend

Asalamoalikum/Good Evening

Weekend shopping can be a courageous and a challenging task which can be converted into fun and fruitful expedition if the following simple and easygoing points are taken into consideration.So a planned and cost effective shopping is a weekend magic.

Preliminary Steps

The process starts before you head to the store

1.       Footwear:
If you are going out of the house for any reason, don’t underestimate the importance and significance of comfortable and durable footwear.

2.       Hunger pangs:
Never ever leave the home hungry. This will cost you a deal of unnecessary burden both on money as well as calories.

3.       Cash Change
Keep yourself with the change of money so while on the shop you don’t waste time for the change from cashier.

4.       Map Out
Spot out the type of the store which you have to visit on the weekdays so you don’t run all over the market for  the hottest deal.

5.       Leave Early
Don’t wait till the late hours for shopping  because you want to be one of the first people at the store to get the best selection and your required item will be available.

6.       Sales Paper / Coupons
Study sales paper / coupons, visit the websites and compare the prices on items you  wish to purchase, to know which store is offering a better deal.
7.       Plan
Make a list of items you and your children need this week you might have an unnecessary load  on your cart.
8.     Shopping Bag
If you take your bag with you its good so your limit is known ? It will also be more durable .

On The Spot

Remember that markets are places to attract customers, not very much concerned with your health. They provide a great public service but they are designed to buy you more food not less. With little effort and guidance you can succeed to make healthy choices.
Here are few tips:

1)      Fruits and Vegetables:
Fill your cart more with plenty of natural products like veggies, fruits, fish and nuts. Avoid processed food because they contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives to increase their shelf’s life.

2)      Cholesterol Free \ Sugar Free\Wheat Bread :
Beware of these signs, the shopkeepers  now recognize that the customers are  nutrient conscious so they provide the aisles with these signs. But don’t get into the trap, remember that cholesterol is animal protein, Plant products doesn’t contain cholesterol .Don’t go for the wheat bread but the right choice is whole wheat bread.

3)      Strangers \ Alien Food:
Avoid the products ingredients which you don’t recognize.

4)      Read the Labels:
Avoid products that contain MSG’s  because it is related with ill health, headaches and other associated symptoms.

5)      Sugar With different Names:
Always go for sugar free products/ cereals because you always  have the option to add it afterwards.  Sugars can be of different names cane sugar, Beet sugar, Corn Syrup,  Fructose fruit juice, dextran etc.

 6) Avoid Water\ soaked Foods:
Don’t fall for the watery food\soaked food or products in cans because salt and other preservative are added for a long shelf life.  Chemical enhance the taste and flavor and shelf life and discourages good health.
Hope you make the most of you money and energy.

Wishing you a wonderful shopping this week.