Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Tea Time:Are you Struggling for the Same?

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning:

It was a fine clear morning, the Sun was about to make an appearance, the Birds were singing and praising the beauty of Nature.The cool breeze was playing with my dupatta  and there were two steaming cups of Tea lying in front of  us(me & my hubby) as we were enjoying the scene.
tea with parathas
We were very much mesmerised by the lovely surroundings & overtaken by the birds dance in which they are trying to supersede each other.
Suddenly I felt hot over my foot. The tea cup I  was holding was little tilting. Thanks to my sixth sense...   now there was not much tea left in it
My hunger pangs were also on the rise. I can see the birds feeding their children. I strongly felt the need of some cookies with my tea. But the problem is this I have to leave this all beautiful, adorable, enchanting ambiance and rush to the kitchen to fetch those cookies jar.
I looked around as if my hubby is  getting the situation who has now indulged himself in the politics (read country politics) of the newspaper. He seems to be a victim of the newspaper conspiracies to read more & more...
tea time
Now I  have to leave my chair and walk through the aisle with a heavy heart and leg and begin searching for the cookie jar.
To my surprise, the jar is lying just under my nose, nearly half open. I can treat myself with the single cake rusk left, making a fun of my craving...
I instantly grab it and rush to start the episode where it was left in the garden. All was same there ... my hubby still victimised by newspaper, sipping his tea and the birds feeding ...I quickly jumped into my chair with the cakerusk holding tightly and pick my cup of tea which is half left.
Dunking my cake rusk into tea , as I am about to bite my cake rusk, I felt nothing in my mouth ...Oh my God what's happen now? I instantly got hit by this bang that who stolen my cake rusk? My only one!!!!!!!! I looked at my hubby who seems to be the most indifferent person. Then I glance at my half filled cup which has become full by the the sinking cake rusk. I yelled at the top, quick pass me a spoon my Cake Rusk fallen into my tea.
My hubby shocked and took by surprise with my chant and ran to fetch the spoon but before he came the cake rusk disappeared.
My husband consoled me a lot but this cake rusk missing moment made me gloom the whole day..and I just have to sip the cake rusk filled tea....