Monday, 21 April 2014

International Mother Earth Day : Story Of Inspiration

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

We owe a great debt from the Mother Earth but we do very little for its improvement and betterment. We rather switched over to machines or one can say converted to machines. We are just breathing air in and out with no emotions, no feelings, no caring.
International Mother Earth Day : Story Of Inspiration
But this man which can be seen in video is much better than us who deliberately or undeliberately , willingly or as a duty picks up the garbage from the area, put it in the bag only to be delivered to some factory in the remote area for a petty sum of money. But in the way of collecting these card boards, metals or other re usable items from the garbage, he is actually serving the mother earth.
We as Civilized citizens watch him with great dis likeness, try not to cross him but in real sense he is the true son of Mother Earth.
Hats off to this Man.
Please feel free to share your views about this, all of you are welcome

MotherEarthDay by mydatahir