Saturday, 12 April 2014

Shaking Palsy in the spotlight:10 common facts about Parkinson's Disease.

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

Symbol of Parkinson's disease
As World Parkinson's Day has been observed on 11th of April to mark the Birthday of MR.JAMES PARKINSON, who first notified this disease as SHAKING PALSY  in his writings As a doctor I asked my High-profile up to date friend about what he knows about Parkinson's disease.
His answer make me gasping for breath while drowning in the bathtub. To be concise his reply was
It is some kind of disease which should be prevented by improved sanitary conditions
O MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!This reply gave me a 1000KV bolt. This incident made me realize the awareness about Parkinson's Disease in my part of the world. The few of them who have little knowledge about Parkinson's disease are the ones who relate them with great World famous Boxer Muhammed Ali as he is confronting the same disease.
So I intend to write some common facts about Parkinson's disease which everybody should at least know.
Short Stepping gait
  1.  Parkinson's disease is a Neurodegenerative Disorder i.e. it is related to the damage of the particular part of the brain leading to abnormal body movements.
  2. Scientifically it occurs due to the gradual loss of the cells producing a chemical called DOPAMINE. This chemical help to transmit messages between nerve cells. As a result of this loss, messages are disrupted leading to movement disorder like TREMORS,SLOWNESS,RIGIDITY.
  3. There is no definite cause of the Parkinson's disease have been found yet
  4. It is a Progressive type of disease that the symptoms gradually worsen over the period of time.
  5. It usually affects the older group of population but the Early onset Parkinson's disease can affect adult of any age.
  6. It is to remember that Parkinson's disease is not a Life Threatening disease but alters the over all quality of life.
  7. A typical Parkinson's disease patient have a Blank faces  with a monotonous speech.He walks with a small shuffling-steps with loss of arm swing.His hands shakes when not in use.He has difficulty performing daily tasks at the usual speed.Other problems he battled are Depression, anxiety, Sleep, etc.No two patients of the Parkinson's disease presents with the same complains.
    Tremor Canceller
  8. Diagnosis of the Parkinson's disease is made on Exclusion criteria.that is other causes of the same symptoms have to be ruled out to diagnose Parkinson's disease.
  9. There is no Absolute cure for the Parkinson's disease but the symptom based therapy gives a good control of life. Multidisciplinary approach is the key to lead a productive and independent life for years.Research is going on,soon there will be cure.
  10. There is no prevention ,anybody can get Parkinson's disease.This is also the Theme of this year.
I tried my best to encompass the common points about Parkinson's disease,however if I am missing something feel free to share.