Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Sindhi Topi: An Embroidered Masterpiece

Asalamoalikum/Good Morning

The cap or the head wearer is regarded as a symbol of pride and honor for men all over the world moreover in the Eastern part of the world. It is not only regarded just a cap but the sign of Respect and Pride. Most of the men here, never leave or make the public appearance without adorning a Traditional cap or Turban. There are several Quotes or Proverbs associated with the caps, turbans in the native language. Honorary relations like that of a sis are compared and respected as Head wearer.

Sindhi Topi
As far as the Sindhi Culture is concerned, a very Unique cap or Topi is considered an integral part. Without this wonderful cap Sindhi attire is incomplete. Sindhi Topi is the Cultural identity and mark of honor to the Sindhi men. This awesome TEXTILE CRAFT from the Rural part of Sindh is found in every house.

Ajrak and Topi
This hand woven masterpiece is the result of great physical and mental labor put in by the virtuoso artisans. The creative Hub of this beautiful craft lies in various districts of Sindh like Tharparker, Larkana, Nawabsah, Umerkot, etc.

This cap is unique for its craftsmanship and totally different from other regional head wearers like Turbans etc. It is round in shape from sides and flattened from above with a portion cut from the front to expose the Forehead representing the Islamic Culture of Mimbar and Mehrab.As it is not so large, it snugly fits on the head without the need of the tie or the ribbon. It is also popular in other tribes like AFGHANI, SARAIKI,  BALOCHI. These Sindhi caps are adorned with intricate and exotic geometrical designs and patterns made of colorful embroidery and to augment the splendor and sophistication very Small pieces of MIRRORS are stitched with great delicacy making it glitter in the light. A great variety of colors are available to match every mood.

Kid wearing Cap
Every Sindhi men whether a Land lord or a Hari(farmer) owns a Sindhi cap and used to wear it on every occasion like EID, MARRIAGE, PARTIES. People living in other parts of the world also show great interest and liking in this traditional Sindhi attire and used to wear it on a local visit.

SINDHI TOPI  and AJRAK(a Shawl) is considered a Special gift and a sign of Respect from the Sindhi people reflecting  their warm and hospitable nature.